Surprise Launch Party

Let me just start this post by saying that I am blessed to have the most wonderfully supportive family and friends in the world. I came home from a weekend trip to a friend’s lake house to a room full of people yelling, “Surprise!” My cousin Emily and the rest of my family had planned a surprise launch party for the boutique — and somehow I really had no idea!
Emily gathered ideas from her Pinterest to plan the decor and food. Of course she thought of literally everything! The navy and pink palette was right up my alley and she divided the table with breakfast on one side and lunch on the other. I think I ate about 58 ten bruschetta. So good! 
The house was filled with flowers which is of course the most wonderful treat. My grandmother — who is quite possibly Design Darling’s number one fan! — send this beautiful bouquet up from Florida.
Emily thought of every last detail right down to filling the candy bowls placed throughout the family room and kitchen. Did you know Party City now sells M&Ms by the color? This makes me endlessly happy.
Of course the biggest gift was everyone who came out to celebrate this new venture of mine. My aunt was visiting from Boston and my sister even drove down from Amherst for the occasion! Family, friends, flowers… I am the luckiest girl in the world!
And the pièce de résistance… The cake that my cousin and her friend made after my logo, illustrated by Gadabout. Apparently it took them three hours to get the colors just perfect. Aren’t the bows just the sweetest touch?
– – –
Thank you to everyone involved for the best surprise of my life! How they tricked my nosy nature is still beyond me 😉 Now let’s speed this week up to Thursday and let it be launch day already!!!

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  1. What an AMAZING support of family you have! That was so incredibly sweet to come up with such a celebration with all of the details of your branding in mind! Love that cake!!

  2. Such a preppy, perfect bash! Your friends and family know you very well & you deserve every ounce of support and success, Mackenzie. Can’t wait til the launch !

    – amy

  3. Absolutely adorable! Wish I could have been there to have a slice of that irresistible cake… but then again, IDK if I’d want to cut into it at all it looks so good!! Can’t wait for March 1!