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One of the ten million things on my to do list is to establish an editorial calendar for Design Darling in order to get better organized. And what better opportunity to roll out a few new features? I have a lengthy list of ideas but here’s the first… a weekly style column featuring me and my boyfriend Michael! I know only about 0.0001% of you readers are men but I also know lots of you ladies are looking for ways to spruce up the wardrobes of the men in your life. So without further ado, the inaugural edition of His & Hers…
ON HIM: Polo Ralph Lauren sweater (similar here) / J.Crew t-shirt / Brooks Brothers pants ON HER: Old Navy shirt / J.Crew vest / H&M belt (similar here) / J.Crew necklace (similar here) / Urban Outfitters jeans / Madewell boots (similar here) / Dani Notes iPhone case / J.Crew signet ring (similar here)

Comfy and casual for an afternoon coffee date. We totally underestimated how freezing it was outside so we only got a few pictures before we had to head in but it’s a start! What do you think?!

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  1. I have been meaning to comment on this since you posted!! I love it!! I really love seeing the adorable YOU on your blog!! Your outfit looks so cute – you pulled off that belt over a vest and those shoes SO well!!! I’m so happy for you Mackenzie!!


  2. Um, you guys are really cute. And the bf is such a sport to do this with/for you!

    In other news, I’m digging the belted puffer vest. I may have to try this! I always look like such a, well, puffer in mine (even though I love it!)

  3. I love it! I also can’t believe you got your boyfriend to pose for you. I can hardly get my husband to take pictures with me on trips. Can’t wait to see more of these!

  4. So adorable- love this new feature. What a good boyfriend you have to let you feature his outfits on the blog 🙂 Your pink vest is my new obsession. Love.

  5. This is seriously too cute for words. You both look great! Love the idea of belting the vest, wouldn’t have thought to do that to my puffy J.Crew one.

  6. I love this new series, I can’t wait to see what else you do with it! I have the blue/white striped ON top & I love the way you paired it! That definitely gave me more options (especially since it’s still cold where I am!) You are so cute & congrats on the boutique, everything in it is TDF! 🙂

  7. Fun idea, I say go with it! I love that fact that Michael was keen for it, if I mentioned something like this to the Hubs I would get an eye roll followed by an ‘I don’t think so.’ HA! He is such a good sport & you are both so stunning! xx

  8. This feature is just too cute. What a stylish couple you make! And thanks for sharing the items; I think you’ll find a lot of people looking to add similar things to their wardrobes. 🙂

    Hope you saw my tweet about the editorial calendar. My version is super simple but it takes a lot of stress and wonder of what to post off. You’re going to two posts per day, right? An editorial calendar would definitely be your new best friend.

  9. you guys are the cutest prepsters in town! love this. So funny because I also wrote last week how I’ve been feeling super disorganized with the blog. I brainstormed some columns and even though I only started the process last week, I already feel less stressed about blogging. Hurray for organization!