Coffee Table Styling

My dear friend Katie shared this snapshot of her coffee table on Instagram the other day and I thought it was too gorgeous not to share with all of you. Clearly Katie has coffee table styling down to an art! For those of us not as well-versed, I’ve broken it down and shared a few ideas on how to get a similar look for your space…

Top stacks of design books with a decorative objet like this quartz votive holder or a souvenir from your travels. Store colorful matchboxes near your favorite candle and finally add fresh flowers or a topiary to bring it all to life. Soon enough you’ll have Katie’s high style in your home! What are your tips for styling a coffee table?

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  1. I was just stalking her Instagram the other day for coffee table styling, because she does the best job! I think layering smaller objects and flowers over books is the way to go – so much to look at!

  2. That is a perfect coffee table! I always love a few books and candles I love how she has thr matchbooks and sticks. They are a perfect touch! thanks for sharing

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  3. I feel like a great tip is not to let your boyfriend mess with the coffee table. I always have it just how I like it and he piles everything on top of each other to put his feet up or put his drink on the table.