Living in the present…

In a break from our usual topics of discussion here on Design Darling, I thought I’d share an epiphany I experienced this afternoon. Lately I’ve found myself feeling inadequate, wanting more, and thinking I could should be doing everything better/faster/smarter. It doesn’t help that I’m 22 and following bloggers who are 3, 5, 10 years older than I am — young women I admire and who seem to have it “all figured out.”

The fact that I’m lucky to do what I love is not lost on me. I am so blessed to have a successful blog and online business — and I mean successful in the sense that I am proud of both projects and excited for where I plan to take them in the future. But it’s easy to look around and feel like I’m not doing well at all. I live at home to save money. I’m lousy at making time for life outside of work. My inbox is out of control and my parents’ dining room is a mess of boxes, inventory, and packing supplies.

I had a mini meltdown earlier thinking about all the things I could be doing differently. It’s taken me three years to get my blog to where it is now (how envious I am of all the overnight success stories!) and still I wish it were bigger. How do I become one of those young women who affords a gorgeous apartment, blogs original photos every day, cooks homemade meals every night (frozen pizza doesn’t count), exercises five days a week, fills her closet with new clothes, keeps a tidy workspace, makes time for happy hour every night, and gets eight hours of sleep a night to boot?

The reality, of course, is that that woman doesn’t exist. We all put our best selves out there on our blogs, but there are of course bad days (mean comments, technological difficulties, and mini meltdowns alike) behind the scenes. But when I take a moment to count the blessings I have right now — when I remind myself I’m doing the best that I can — I realize I’m actually doing just fine.

All that said, I’m going to make a bigger effort to live in the present and appreciate all the awesome things I’ve got going for me right now. Who’s with me?

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  1. Absolutely agree. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but the goals you’ve set for yourself! And when it comes to setting those goals, keep them realistic. I’ve learned it’s ok to set aside the to-do list every once in awhile and do what makes you happy. Good luck to you and all of us as we struggle to find the perfect balance!

  2. I loved reading through the comments on this one! The reality is that ALL bloggers — I don’t care who you are — feel the same way at one point or another. It’s interesting that we all admire each other so much, but then translate that into convincing ourselves we’re not good enough (I’m totally guilty!). I completely agreed with Alex and Erika’s comments. I find that focusing on the things that make me happy and being completely honest with myself always puts me back on the right path! Big hugs, M.

  3. Loved reading this! Thank you! I feel the same way somedays- or for me, it’s more of the “I just want to be out of school so I can start in the real world”, “I just wish my blog was bigger so I could have a larger clientele as soon as I graduate” etc. etc. But, I’ve learned recently that God has us all right where He wants us right now, which is comforting. And as you know, I’ve always looked up to you and your blog as you were the first blogger I emailed 🙂 You are doing fabulous at your blog and business…I just love watching you blossom! Thank YOU for the inspiration 🙂 xo M

  4. I was away from Blog World all last week and am just catching up on stuff today, so forgive me that this is so late, but WOW–I love this post so much! It could not have come at a better time! I feel like I do the same thing everyday–comparing my worst self with everyone else’s best, Twitter self, which can be really damaging! I’m 22 as well, and while I’m thrilled that I’ve figured out what I want to do as a career {event design} and am working steadily towards my goals, I constantly feel like I should be doing everything bigger and better, which can be really draining! So, I’m going to try and take your advice, try to live in the present, and just be thankful for where I am right now! Thanks so much for this post, Mackenzie!:)

  5. I love this post! It is exactly what I needed to read right now. You are amazing! And I hope that in a year and a half, when I’m 22, that I am as put together and doing as well in my life as you are right now.

  6. Mackenzie I’ll say it again, you impress me more than any other “blogger” out there from day 1. When reading your 3rd paragraph I indeed thought to myself, really? Who is that? I’d like to meet her! I am finding more and more that we all do too much, think we can do it all. And sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves about what is actually worth it. It’s not fun to think about. You know, realize we have limitations! And it’s ok! I think you now know what you’re capable of, know that you are a superstar, you’ve proven it to yourself. I went thru (and still go thru) the same stuff — I’ve had to reprioritize and focus on the few things that make me happy and make me proud. I think we are all Type A perfectionists bc really, who else would be crazy enough to do al we do? Believe me, my friends and family look at me like I’m nuts! And they’re right, we do it to ourselves. But thank goodness we do bc look at all the beauty you create on a daily basis? Keep it up, you are amazing.

  7. I’m defenitily with you! I appreciate your honesty so much. You are indeed a blessed girl! God bless you, and keep going cause all will get to the point you wish! You’ll see 😉
    Ana from Portugal

  8. Well said. Im certain you’ll get where you want to get, as you’re obviously talented. 😉

    As you know when we first met – I shared some not so glamorous things about my life etc. but for me, how God sees me is what matters most. Through him, I’ve been able to be happy with what I have & no longer want more.:)

  9. amen to this post sista. sometimes the blogging world just feels like a big old game of “keeping up with the jones’ “! the funny thing is there are SO many people our there who look at you that way- as one of the “all figured it out” ladies. congrats on all your success lovely!

  10. I am sooo with you sister!! I do the same exact thing. Analyze how I can do better, grow my blog and my business, move faster, look thinner etc. It’s insane and just not productive. You’re doing amazing! I loved your post, it really resonated with me..Off to squeeze in a run! (see I’m doing it again).

    I also adore your blog and online store!

    Best and xx,

  11. Girl, all this says to me is that you’re as adorable as you seem. You’re driven, and that usually = hard on yourself. You’re certainly not alone there (GUILTY!). Always remember that we only see what people want us to see, and that’s usually the good stuff. It’s easy to start feeling like things are happening for others, and that we want more for ourselves. But we’re only given what we can handle at any given time. There’s so much greatness headed your way! Just try to enjoy the ride 🙂 oxox

  12. Darling, you took the words right out of my mouth. Only at 9(!) years older than you, I’m looking at amazing upstarts in their 20’s and feeling like there’s something wrong with me that I’m so behind.

    PS- I’ve been blogging for three years too. (This week.) So much for overnight success. Whatever, it makes all that hard work worth it.

  13. Just recently started following your blog, and I had not idea you were only 22! I’m 27 and just starting out with my blog and having the same feelings you described above. (As well as the feeling of trying to keep up with all you amazing young-bloggers who have some of the computer skills I am just learning!) As someone who works in a creative industry (childrenswear design) I often feel that pressure to be creatively ambitious inside and outside of work. Its impossible to fit it all in, and I often have to remind myself that I am happy with everything I’ve achieved so far! As well as confident in my ability to achieve future goals, even though they may not happen overnight!

  14. Hi Mackenzie! I am still in high school and you are inspiration for what I want to do when I am older, if that makes you feel any better! I read your blog religiously and love it. Don’t let yourself fall into a mind game…you inspire lots of people beyond me!

  15. I recommend moving out of your parents house. I stayed with my parents for four months while I did a paid internship, before I moved out for my first job. They were as good as gold, but something about not having my own little spot to call my own was wearing on me. Even if you can only afford a little apartment it will make you feel more accomplished when you ask people to come to YOUR new place!

    Yes, with the economy it’s hard. You are motivated and creative, reflect on the good things you’ve done! If you had already accomplished all your plans, you’d be bored. Take it as it comes and enjoy!

  16. Mackenzie, I just recently started following your blog and I’m so impressed with how much you have accomplished at only 22! I’m a few years older and just started my blog and want to turn it into something bigger. I’m struggling with the same issues…how do I do it all? How do these others girls do it?!

    I agree, live in the moment. One day at a time!

    Taryn @

  17. Hi McKenzie! I loved your post as I feel myself in the same boat as you on many occasions! I absolutely love your blog and you’re an inspiration to me! I am only a few years older then you (25) and look up to you as I just recently launched my online shop and started a blog to compliment my business. I too wish I was an overnight success as you mentioned in your post but always remember to congratulate yourself for following your dreams at such a young age. You are ahead of most! You took a risk, leaped, and are living your life and following your dreams. There is a beautiful path ahead. Enjoy the journey and always remember to celebrate the little accomplishments!


  18. Mackenzie you should be so proud of what you have accomplished so far! You were brave enough to take the leap and do what you love, the one thing that so many of us are too afraid to do. Even if it means living at your parents house and eating frozen pizza all the time- it is still better than nothing! I don’t think we ever “figure it all out” I’m 30 and I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but in reality I don’t think I ever will and I’m ok with that. My friends and I always joke that there should be a “real facebook” where people are forced to share bad days and problems instead of just the pretty pictures.

  19. You are so precious Mackenzie! We are all striving for excellence in what we do, not perfection… Love how real you are!! So proud of where you are an how far your blog/biz have come. You go girl… Now go take a day off and relax. You deserve it!!


  20. I completely understand and feel the same way! I think what you have done at 23 is amazing and you should feel very proud of yourself. We’re all still trying to figure it out!

  21. Oh Mackenzie, who isn’t with you?! Haha. I’m only 23 and wish I had it more figured out. I keep having to remind myself that I’m less than a year out of college and there’s only so much I should have figured out. I think we’re both doing pretty well 🙂 In reality no one can do it all. Happy hour means we sacrifice the gym and the gorgeous photos of an apartment only happen after we shove things under the bed and in the closet. Think of all the thinks you do have and do well! As for the things you don’t do as well and want to change, make them a priority!

  22. You, Mackenzie, are someone I look up to & see you as having it all together… No one’s perfect and not every day will go as smoothly as the last, but you’re very successful. At 22 you’ve got a great blog, a new boutique (which is LOVELY), wonderful style, and went to Jack Rogers HQ the other day! You’re pretty set, my friend!

  23. I know exactly what you mean. Some of those women are super tiny, dress in amazing colors, have a Southern Living decorated home and still have a life.

    I have learned to step back sometimes and stop comparing.

    Great post.

  24. isn’t it funny, that your blog is one of THOSE blogs to me! I love your layout and content and header and shop and and and….ha! I love posts like this that remind me that we are all just living our lives just trying to find the time to take a shower and heat up some leftovers! I hope you’re feeling more confidant and inspired today! xoxox

  25. I know exactly where you are coming from. I’m only a new reader to your lovely blog and but have to say I was so excited to find another young blogger and business owner. I have just turned 23 and constantly feel I haven’t achieved anything yet!

    My business is only a year old and has just found it’s feet, but I wish it was growing faster. My blog is still small and despite some recent growth I’m just not happy!

    Despite this, my friends are always telling me how crazy it is that I have a business.

    I think it’s important to remember that we are 5 and 10 years behind a lot of wonderful bloggers, and if we start now think what we can achieve in 5 years!

    Time to remember just to love where we are I think! xx

  26. When you write a post like this…I can’t help but comment, good on you for putting it out there and being so honest. You’re attitude is great, we don;t have to have it ‘all together’, all the time, or even just at one time. Life is real, life is messy, life is not perfect. And that’s why it’s so great! Think about all the success your blog has had (which you did mention), the success of your shop, the joy of seeing your family so often. The rest will come in time.
    Keep up the fantastic work and sending you some good thoughts from Australia

  27. The internet is filled with the best versions of others. We only put up the prettiest pictures of ourselves, share the biggest accomplishments, reveal the most charming details. We’ve emailed a few times and I’ve followed your blog closely for a while… From that limited contact I can say that what makes you so relatable is your willingness to just be real! It’s frustrating to be young and still developing, but I don’t think anyone ever truly “arrives.” Wouldn’t it be so boring if we felt that we had nothing to improve! xoxo Kali

  28. I wish I could be as honest on my blog as you are on yours. I often feel this way about most of the blogs I read, especially since there are not as many bloggers in my specific demographic to compare myself to. You are such an inspiration to me and I envy your confidence and maturity, two things that I hope to possess at twenty-two. I truly love your blog and one day I will get the time to sit down and order some goodies from your shop! Your eye for design is truly refreshing! XO

  29. It’s so comforting knowing that I’m not alone feeling the way you do. You’re definitely one of those bloggers who seems to have accomplished so much at such a young age. And, yes, you have, but it really puts it into perspective for me knowing that you share my same sentiments. It’s a tricky thing, this whole blogging thing. It brings great opportunities while also making one feel like what they do isn’t enough. This post came at such a perfect time for me. Thank you.

  30. hi mackenzie! i think you are phenomenal. i love your blog. i just started my blog a couple of months ago and i struggle with blog envy, that it’s not as good as all the blogs i follow. so i’m here to tell you that you are doing a fabulous job. i only wish i was your age again and had the experience you have built at only 23!! check out my blog,, sometime and let me know what you think!! hang in there little lady!


  31. Girl, you totally got it going on! I ADORE your blog. If it will make you feel any better… I am 35, two boys ages 1 & 4 yrs of age. I “retired” from operating my own business when baby #2 was born. I immediately struggled with my new role (as I suspected) wanting something more, for myself. I love my children more than anything, but I know I am best with balance. I started my blog 5 months ago, and I am so glad I have this little thing for ME. Needless to say, putting %110 into everything is beyond hard as it relates to the blog. You see the only time I have to do it is when I should be sleeping.. not a good cycle. My daily struggle now is having more dreams than I can put on paper and 3 hrs/day to put them on paper…. If only I had ONE full day to work?!… It’s hard, but it’s life…. Life we are blessed to have! … Anyway, thanks for sharing your little story, there’s mine! Would LOVE nothing more than for you to come on over and see the Queen City Style and to know I have ONE more follower. ONE! Sweet dreams… Fondly, Whitley Adkins Hamlin

  32. Ah, totally know that feeling of how much you want to be “that girl”! I definitely need to take time to appreciate how amazing everyting is!

  33. Amen sister! Don’t want to alarm you, but I’m 42 and STILL trying to get it all together …. One thought that always helps me is “Do the best you can, where you are, with what you have.” If I can do that then I feel successful with whatever the situation may be. You should add a “notes to my 20 year old self” feature and ask “veteran” bloggers, designers, etc what they would tell their 20 year old self if they could.
    P.S. as a mom of two teenage daughters your mom loves having you home, trust me!

  34. Thank you for being so honest! I know it’s so hard not to compare yourself to others but it always seems to be a losing game. There will always be someone with a more original blog, a more successful business, a more seemingly perfect life etc. You have to be happy with yourself and your work regardless of the situation. I think you’ve done an incredible job so far and I can’t wait to see what you have to offer in the future. Everyone gets exhausted and doubts the path they are on but that is what makes this race so exciting. Please don’t lose heart! I hope your good days begin to outnumber the bad!

  35. Lovely post Mackenzie!! What’s funny is I definitely see you as one of those bloggers who is crazy successful and has it all figured out! None of us are perfect or have everything all together. You keep up the fantastic work that you’re doing and you will go very far my dear 🙂 xoxo

  36. Thank you for sharing! It’s always good to be reminded of living in the present and giving yourself some credit. I just started working for myself and occasionally wonder how I’m ever going to get everything done and get where I want to be, but then I remember how far I’ve already come, and that makes me very happy.

  37. Truly a great post-very brave and honest. For what it is worth, I think you are doing a fabulous job! Enjoy where you are and good things will come your way!

    Chelsea (

  38. My dear, give yourself a little credit! You rock and then some.
    I read your blog posts via email and I am truly amazed by what you have accomplished at your age. Don’t worry all of us at all different ages (I’m 35) all have the same issues you wrote about. Let me point out as well that it is a-ok that you live at home to save money and/or no social life right now – look at what you are doing…building a business and a brand. Your hardwork will pay-off and when the timing is right everything “else” in your life will fall into place…I promise.

    And never, ever forget that you are a phenomenal person and that you are truly fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!

  39. you are SUCH an inspiration to SO many people Mackenzie!! (including me, of course!) And like you said, you really are only 22 and most bloggers are years older than you. but you should know that I definitely see you as someone who “has it all figured out”!! And you should most definitely be proud of what you have accomplished!! Your business and blog will only continue to grow, especially now that you can be devoted full time to it!

    i love how honest you were in this post. I know I am a young blogger, but I feel like you literally wrote out the words I am often thinking. I feel like this almos everyday!

    Keep up the good work Mackenzie!!! xoxo

  40. What a lovely post. Your openness is admirable-and quite endearing. Be so proud of yourself. Pursuing what makes you happy is such an accomplishment!

  41. I’m a fairly new Design Darling reader and I have to tell you that your blog has quickly become a daily pitstop for me. Twenty-two… if I only had had the gumption to do at that age what you are doing now. Really, it’s impressive. Sounds like there’s a lot of very insanely talented and driven ladies out there blogging their little hearts out who feel very much like you. Stay the course Mackenzie. I agree with stopping to take note of the present will help you regain perspective and see how far you’ve come. I have to remind myself to do this pretty often myself. But most of all, be proud and happy that you are getting up and doing what you love every single day- no matter where you live. It’s more precious and valuable than any ol’ fancy apartment that money can buy. Trust me.

  42. Mackenzie I really appreciate this! I had no idea that you were only 22 (I am too) and I’ve always thought this way about you! You should be so proud of all of your accomplishments, you have a wonderful blog and shop and I could only wish that I could achieve what you already have. I seriously admire you and everything you’ve accomplished. (and if it helps I’m pretty much in the same boat as you, living wise). I know that it’s hard sometimes, and I get that way all the time with me and blogging. It’s hard, because I’m seriously just an everyday joe, but it’s fun to look into the other stuff. Everyday is a blessing, so living in the present is the best we can do! Thanks for the reminder!

  43. thank you for this post, mackenzie! i have faced these same issues myself time and time again, especially as a newlywed and a new business owner. i used to (and, admittedly, still do) find myself comparing myself to others, which is so easy to do in the age of the online community. i felt like i was lacking–who were these women who could work all day, find time to style an outfit/tablescape, cook the perfect meal, work out every day, find time for friends and loved ones, and still have time to blog all about it? i was lucky if i was able to accomplish TWO of those things in one day.

    but then i realized exactly what you mentioned in this post–the version of themselves that people put out into the world is their best one. behind a perfectly styled outfit post could be a burned attempt at making a gourmet dinner. for every post about a fantastic cocktail party may have been a stressful day at work.

    i have found that the important thing to remember is that we each have our own strengths and our own challenges. sometimes we’re firing on all cylinders and feel like we are unstoppable, and other days it’s as though nothing we do can go right. and you know what? that’s ok. if you are happy, doing what you love, and constantly learning and growing, then that is what counts. also, reminding yourself that everyone you meet is facing their own set of challenges, and even those that look like they “have it all together” may be feeling insecure about something.

    this is one of my favorite quotes, and i try to keep it at the front of my mind every day: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” it has helped me remember to focus on working as hard as i can at creating a life that i am proud of…not one that i am constantly comparing to someone elses.

    that all said, i am SO impressed that you are doing this all on your own at such a young age and think you are doing a fantastic job. i love your blog, your boutique, and what seems to be a great attitude about everything. keep it up!!

  44. Miss Mackenzie! Thank you for sharing! As a soon to be college grad, I completely relate to your feelings!

    It’s the days when you aren’t feeling your best that motivate you to keep fighting! The Sigmund Freud quote serves as a light at the end of the tunnel whenever I’m feeling this way: “One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

    Keep going! You are so far ahead of many people! In a period of time when it seems like your peers and possibly adults are only focused about making enough money and sticking to the grain-You are brave and recognize your passions and follow your dreams.

    You made the leap of faith and continue to inspire so many people to follow suit! KEEP IT UP!! Treasure all peaks and pits in this roller coaster because in the end it will all be worthwhile. At least, that’s what I hear ;).

    Best wishes!
    And keep the posts/boutique coming I LOVE seeing them!

  45. the grass is always greener! growing up in nyc and moving back after college has taught me a lot of things– the people you see “affording” great things (the perfect apt in the perfect location, designer clothes) are doing it with their parents footing the bills or by going into credit debt. the people who have the perfect body were either born that way (luckies!) or don’t eat and exercise like crazy. single girls always want to get married (i’m married and it’s great but definitely not worth making your whole life goal).. and the examples go on and on.

    as someone who hates their day job, i think that you’ve already “won” by creating a career you love. see, the grass is always greener 🙂

    i think you’re doing great!

  46. It is so very true that no one TRULY “has it all together” – even if we manage to get a few things going the right way I think everyone has this same mini-meltdown every now and then. And it may be worse for those of us who are also entrepreneurs. Remember that “comparison is the thief of joy” and celebrate all the ways that you DO have it all together. And if you aren’t satisfied with the way something is going, I find that it helps to at least outline the steps necessary to improve that situation (an example would be setting your goal for how much $ you’d like to have in savings before you move into your own place, etc). You are doing awesome, but comparing yourself to others (especially the “blog version” of others) will quickly spoil your successes 🙂 xo Maggie

  47. I couldn’t agree more with everyone’s comments. I think of YOU has someone has it 100% together and figured out. You are just a year out of college and have had dream internships, started your own store and have a blog with a loyal following. Things most of us just dream about.

    This is really the downside of blogging, we are all such supporters of one another on one level, but in writing our own blogs (that people will inevitably compare their own to) we challenge our belief in ourselves sometimes too. There is always someone who has what you want. The skinny bloggers will always post pictures of themselves in a bathing suit, the crazy talented bloggers will always post pictures of their work and the super fun ones will instagram their nightly cocktails. Its what blogging is about sometimes. I’ve had to learn to ignore that portion of it and remind myself of the amazing relationships and opportunities that comes from it instead.

    You are amazing! And have so much more ahead of you and I am so excited to follow along and be jealous of it all!


  48. Try not to compare yourself to others- I find that it never leads me anywhere good! You have done so much in a few years and you clearly work very hard for your success. Keep your head up and give yourself breaks to breathe and enjoy your friends and family.

  49. I’m so with you! You need to know that you are an incredible success.. you’re a dreamer and a doer, there are not many at 22 with the success, fame and reputation that you have, so please be proud of it!! The ladies who claim to do it all are most likely a disaster behind the scenes, because there is NO WAY anyone can be that perfect. So, that said, I adore you if that counts for anything 🙂 xoxo

  50. Spoken from the heart, and I feel ya. The blog world can be intimidating b/c it seems like everyone has EVERYTHING figured out. It’s not the case. The fact that you are only 22 and doing what you love and are so successful is something I look up to. You are an inspiration to all, and this post proves why. Keep on dreaming big and you’ll achieve all you want.

  51. What a great post, Mackenzie!.. And one that I soooooo needed today. You should be extremely proud of all of your accomplishments! I look at it the opposite way, in that I am 13 years older than you and I wish that I had had the balls to do what you are doing right out of college! (Not really an option as the blogosphere wasn’t exactly hopping in 1999.) Two kids and a full-time job make it all the more difficult to keep it up… there are some days when you want to quit it all! (Especially a day like today.) But, you keep doing what you are doing and all of your dreams will come true… I promise! 😉 xo-K.

  52. As a 26 year old at a desk job I don’t particularly love, I cannot tell you how much I admire your drive and determination to be out there doing what you love! And this post hit home so hard. I think we all have days where we feel we should be doing so much more, but we have to take comfort that we’re right where we need to be! You are a fantastic success story and such a role model for girls! 🙂

  53. Hi Mackenzie,
    I think you’re doing a fabulous job – and the fact that you’re only 22 and you’ve come this far, means you’ve got big things ahead of you! Well done on creating such a fabulous blog and gorgeous online store. We all have our bad days where we feel we’re not good enough and what we’ve accomplished isn’t great in comparison to others, but I think if you concentrate on the achievements you’ve made so far you should feel very proud!
    Loni, Adore Home x

  54. Like some other commenters have pointed out, I’ve definitely seen you as someone who has it all together. I think that’s especially the case because I’m slightly older than you (23) and I’m still trying to figure out what I really want.

    But when I think realistically about it, I’m not sure anyone has it “all together” when it comes down to it. Life changes too quickly. There are lots of variables involved.

    Thanks for posting this—I think a lot of us are feeling it. 🙂

  55. You know, Mackenzie, this post is even more inspiring to me than the pretty ones (which I LOVE, too). You’re doing great, and being able to embrace your reality and be honest on your successful blog is a testament to that. I still remember that first comment of yours on Belly’s Button all that time ago, by the way… Big hugs all the way from Tel Aviv <3

  56. how funny, i look at you with envy and think that you’ve got all figured out. youre following your own dreams and people are recognizing you for it. i know it doesnt come with hard work and a few bad days, but i’m glad that you’ve taken the time to write this post and remind us it’s not all butterflies and smiles.


  57. That third paragraph? I totally had the same mini-meltdown recently. And I realize that it’s just bloggers putting their best foot forward. Their blog is their product, after all. But sometimes it’s dizzying. I have a full-time job, a husband, and a dog. Where is the time to train to be a yoga teacher/photography guru/gourmet cook/fashionista?!?! I feel your pain 🙂 But you are doing a FABULOUS job and I just adore your blog. Kudos!

  58. I couldn’t agree more with this post! I think we all get too caught up in planning and comparing to actually focus on living. I’m definitely going to try to live in the present more and stop worrying. Cheers to that!


  59. Very inspirational Mackenzie. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m graduating with an English degree next week at the age of 21. While I’m super proud of that accomplishment, I know full well that I should have gone to school for interior design. I’m following my dream now, but I feel a bit behind. I could be launching my own business right now if I had gone to school for interior design straight out of highschool.

    You are one of the bloggers I admire, for being young, successful, and seeming to have it all together. I know everything will work out for you. All the respect and well in the world for you.

  60. I think of you as someone who “has it all together”. Putting your best self forward on your blog aside, you are 22, figured out what you wanted to do, and started your own business.

    I’m 24, working at a desk job that I’m not too fond of, hoping it will get better after grad school. I think you have it a lot more together than most people (period) but especially than most people (y)our age.