6 Gift Ideas for Spring

For some reason, I feel like half the people in my life celebrate their birthdays in the springtime. Between birthdays for my boyfriend, my brother, and my parents — not to mention Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around the corner! — my brain is definitely on finding the perfect gift for each person.

The other night I was dashing out the door to a friend’s birthday dinner and decided to whip up a little something with items I have in stock for the boutique. It inspired me to share a few gift-giving ideas with all of you in the hopes you’ll find that perfect something at Design Darling! 

FOR THE GIRLS: Earrings and a bangle in her favorite colors.

FOR YOUR MOM: A votive holder and a matchbox (or two!).

FOR THE BOYS: A kill-proof topiary for his place and a monogrammed key fob.

FOR YOUR COWORKERS: A budget-friendly monogrammed pencil cup or business card holder to brighten their cubicle (and your view).

FOR THE HOSTESS: A monogrammed tray for her bar cart.

FOR YOUR BFF: Pearl hoops and a colorblock clutch were made for girls’ night out!

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What are your favorite gift ideas for spring?

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  1. I do the earrings and bangle thing a lot with Kate Spade jewelry! And great suggestions for moms; I can’t believe mother’s day is just around the corner!

  2. I browsed your shop yesterday and have to admit that I wanted nearly everything! You have great taste for design. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

    Cheers, Elizabeth

  3. Can’t go wrong with some stud earrings or a beautiful candle! As you know, I love the monogrammed key fob and would certainly get it if I wasn’t completely dedicated to my key case! Any chance we might see one in the future? 🙂

  4. Giving that acrylic monogrammed tray would be the greatest and most personal gift… the receiver would know that you took the time to make it personal, making it an even better gift. Love everything in your shop!!