Sarah Swanson Design Giveaway!

Have you ever thought of hiring an interior designer but decided you couldn’t afford it? You might remember Sarah Swanson Design from this post and I’m thrilled to announce that she’s offering a giveaway of her design services to one lucky reader — a $150 value! Here are some sample boards she’s whipped up…
I’m sure lots of you have an interior design project in mind that could use the help of a professional! I love the above board she did using the monkey candlestick and Worcester jar matchboxes from my boutique. 
Think you might like to work with Sarah on a project for your place? All you have to do is become a follower of Design Darling at right and leave a comment below explaining what you’d like her help on. The winner will be selected at random on Friday morning. Good luck!

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  1. I live in a studio apartment…so I need help with everything! Love my basics, but could use some guidance with the final touches…things like window treatments, art, a new end table, a new coffee table, and a new desk chair. Fingers crossed!

  2. I follow design darling 🙂

    I could totally use Sarah’s services! I just moved into my first house and I’m at a loss. I’ve always lived in an apartment before with a roommate l, but now it’s just me. I have so much room and no furnishings to fill it up! I could really use to consultation to help me figure out what items are most important and more specifically, what on earth to do with my loft space? Help me please!


    Amanda E.

  3. We’d love to have some help with our living room! It’s just too neutral! It definitely needs some fun and colorful accessories, just don’t know where to begin. And with baby turning one in a month, his toys are taking over!!

  4. My house is a mess, moved two months ago, need help with the master berm or family room. What a great giveaway! Thanks u.

  5. I would love love love her assistance for my bedroom 🙂 Nothing like getting a new look for summer time!
    Sarah’s insight would be amazing!

  6. WE would LOVE help with our media/game/karaoke lounge. We have a great space at the front of our house, but no idea how to make a hip, fun lounge.

  7. What a delightful giveaway! I need help with sprucing up my work desk. I don’t know why I didn’t give it as much love as the other spaces in my condo. But this should more than make up for it. Thx!

  8. I love Sarah’s designs! The hubs and I have our first house and basically every room needs assistance but he says no housewarming party until our living room is done. So far I’ve picked out some colors I like but I would REALLY like to have a party and can’t make a decision 😕

  9. I follow Design Darling! 🙂

    My living room is in desperate need of some assistance. Just moved into a new apartment and am beginning to establish my design taste. I’m in need of some guidance when it comes to furniture, especially which pieces to invest in. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!

  10. Her designs are so creative! i would love her help with my living room, I’m married now so it would have to be gender neutral decorations but I’m still a girly girl at heart 🙂

  11. I just moved into a new house and my walls and furniture are all white, and no painting is allowed… I feel like I’m living in an insane asylum!

  12. This is amazing – I absolutely love Sarah. I just moved into my apartment and would love help with my bedroom – it needs work!

  13. I love Sarah’s style. I just moved into my first house and am completely overwhelmed. I would live help with my built ins in the living room.

  14. I adore Sarah and her style. Would love her help with our main floor living room area – help make it kid-friendly in her simple yet luxurious style.

    andrea dot ferneyhough at gmail dot come

  15. This is a GREAT giveaway! Our living room is a disaster. And has been for 2.5 years now – I’m completely stuck on what to do next. Fingers crossed!

  16. Yes please!,, I follow you on google reader !
    Thanks for the chance! Like many other comments we are moving soon so this service would be so helpful!

  17. I am a follower of design darling. We just busted a wall down in our house and are trying to reconfigure our floor plans in our living room and den now. It’s so hard to decide what pieces to reuse, what pieces to buy, etc. We need help!

  18. I have been a follower 🙂 Love this giveaway! I have a couple of things I could use her help daughter’s new room or our living room in our new place!

  19. My roomie & I need help in our entryway and main room- we have furniture, but we need little touches to pull the place together, I’m not good at picturing what will look good & could really use Sarah’s help!

  20. what a fabulous giveaway!! i would love some help putting together my daughters soon to be ‘big girl’ room!!
    i’ve been a follower! 🙂

  21. I love Sarah’s style ans could use her keen eye to help me freshen up our kitchen or master bathroom.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. I’m moving sans furniture which is my roommates! What better way to decorate my new apartment than with Sarah and her creativity! Thanks Design Darling!


  23. This is awesome!! I’m currently working on decorating a master bedroom in addition to our home office! Help would be greatly appreciated!! Love her style! xo~Megan

  24. How awesome!! I would love to get help in our living room! I have roommates and we didn’t do much decorating when we moved in thinking we would do it later and then we just never got around to it!!

    xoxo KLS

  25. I love her designs, she’s fab!

    I need help with a creative, sophisticated, ORGANIZED way to arrange my closet. The doors are sliding so I leave them open to give the room more space but it looks terrible!

  26. Oh my goodness what a fab giveaway! I would love her help in my living room or my kids bedroom. I follow design darling religiously 🙂

  27. Which room doesn’t need a little help?!? I have several that need some help, but I would love some help in my guest room/bathroom!

  28. LOVE her house and art! I would consider either my master or family room. We just purchased our home and would be amazing to win this giveaway! Thank you 😉

  29. I would love to win this. My husband and I might re-do our bedroom. We live in an apartment, so it won’t be too intense. I’d love to have some expert advice of how to make our space lovely.

  30. I live in a converted one bedroom which means we have a tiny WINDOWLESS (horror!) space that should serve as the living room/common area and it’s the most depressing space ever. I’ve been dying to have a designer come in and make it livable and lovely! It would definitely be a true design challenge!

  31. I would love for Sarah to help design my parent’s master bedroom! They’ve worked on almost everything else in the house but gave up when it came to their space. They would be thrilled to have some fresh inspiration and a new place to relax!

  32. Our guest bedroom needs MAJOR help!! We have THREE huge dog kennels, an old desk, and a stack of boxes totally taking it over. It’s in desperate need of a fab, chic design makeover! 🙂