Ten ways to have a good day…

Happy Monday! Here’s a little encouragement to get you off to a good start this week…

…just ten little things designed to help you have a happier day today 🙂 Does anyone else find that Pinterest almost always does the trick? Follow my boards here (and leave a link to yours in the comments!).

P.S. I also love Carly’s list of five things that make her happy!

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  1. This IS awesome! I think I might have to bookmark this post as a little reminder and email it as necessary to various girlfriends. Thanks so much for sharing this! Sometimes each of us needs a little reminder.

  2. This is so what I needed right now, since my Monday morning has thus far involved a moth outbreak such that we couldn’t open the door to let the dogs out & the hot water randomly cutting off halfway through my shower. Definitely gonna need some more coffee and a great outfit (if I ever get the conditioner out of my hair!).

    Have a good one!