Colored Denim

When it comes to describing my style, I definitely veer more toward “classic” than “trendy.” But that doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with what’s new in the fashion world. I just pick and choose which trends are right for me as opposed to replenishing my wardrobe every season with items that will be “out” in a few months. One current trend I can definitely get behind is colored denim. Here’s a decidedly classic spin on the look:

Tory Burch sunglassesDesign Darling link bangle in navy and white (only $25 each!)

For me the trick is to pair the trendier piece (in this case the light blue denim) with classic accessories like these link bangles and tortoiseshell sunglasses. Note that you could easily wear this same outfit with colored denim in pink, red, or yellow! What do you think of this look — and does your style tend to be more classic or trendy?

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24 thoughts on “Colored Denim

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  2. What a great look! I’m more of a neutral gal but, I like how you’ve paired the color jeans with white…it look’s fabulous! I’d definitely wear it. But, I’d have to drink only water…nothing colored. White and I do not do well, at times.

  3. So…I think I’m addicted. I love the bangle I ordered and I may have to pick another soon. Ahh!

    I tend to err on the side of classic with a splash of color.

  4. i would absolutely love to wear this outfit..those pants are the prettiest shade of blue..and that tote – gorg!