I love the feeling of looking down and catching a glimpse of cute shoes on my feet. Now that we can all tuck our riding boots back in our closets until the fall, it’s time to put some spring in your step with a bevy of beautiful ballet flats!

I have to say, I had quite a bit of fun “shopping” for ten pretty pairs to include in this post! Which shoe finds are on your must-have list for spring?

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24 thoughts on “SPRING IN YOUR STEP

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  1. I’ve decided that I need some Sidewalk Skimmers and glittery ballet flats, haha! SO obsessed with all of this, though. 🙂

  2. Love your picks! I think #5 with the bow in the back is my favorite.

    A couple “old lady” stores have had some surprisingly cute options lately: Ann Taylor (you’d love their Vivi Glitter Ballet Flats, I think) and Talbots (the Nicki Patent & Raffia Flat is kind of adorable).

  3. ballet flats have become my newest obsession this year! great picks, 5, 6, and 7 are my favorite 🙂


  4. i own #7 and #10 – i wear ballet flats every single day and these are some of my favorites!

    seriously considering adding #1 to my collection but i will be dreaming over those carven suede beauties for days….

  5. Yes please…. Oh, that wasn’t what you asked??
    I guess I will narrow it down to 1, 5, and 10
    And maybe I would like 4, and my old chanel-like flats are wearing out, so 6 would be lovely……..
    Let me begin again…
    Yes please!!!!

  6. I love the J. Crew glitter flats (number 10), have had my eye on them for a while! I’m so in love with French Sole at the moment too! I love gorgeous ballerina flats, so feminine!
    Great picks!

  7. I have been weirdly intrigued by leopard flats and heels lately, though before I hated the pattern. But recently I’ve been eyeing all things leopard. I should take that as a sign and pick up those skimmers, right? 🙂