When I first saw this pretty picture, I thought to myself three things… 

1. Displaying clothes on clothing racks is totally underrated. 
It’s a great solution for apartment dwellers who are short on closet space — just hang your favorites in the bedroom! (This one is just $23!) Plus it adds color to white walls you can’t paint. Speaking of color…

2. Organizing by color is kind of genius.
Need a blue top to go with that green skirt? Coming right up. Think of all the new combinations you’d dream up by having your clothes in plain view! Which of course brings me to #3…

3. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in color.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I inherited my mother’s love of navy blue and white. But it’s time to start branching out, at least in colors that pair well with my tried-and-true basics!

What do you think? How do you organize your clothes?! 

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25 thoughts on “COLOR-COORDINATED

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  1. this post could not be more fitting for me. i recently started organizing my hanging clothes by color and its changed my life (in the least dramatic way possible hehe). i want to have a hanging rack in my new room for my new house next year but i’m afraid it’s not going to be big enough 🙁 (i think a #firstworldproblems is appropriate after this comment).

  2. I organize my closet not only by color but by saturation. You can see that idea in this photo as well – from left to right pastels to more saturated.

  3. With your fantastic colors, it really is crazy to limit yourself to white and navy! Burnt orange, all shades of purple, not to mention green can really make some interesting contrasts 😀

    ps – totally agree, color coordinated clothing racks is totally the way to go!!

  4. I have to agree with all three points! I love clothing on racks! I actually know a lot of people that do it… but that also may be because I work in retail and so do they. As for organizing by color, I wish I did this… I always say I’m going to but never get around to doing it… maybe because I lack color in my wardrobe as well!!

  5. After living with my husband (and sharing a closet) for four years, he just recently came to the realization that I organize my side by color. And I need to buy more color as well!

  6. Love that image. I used it myself for a closet organizing post I did. I love to organize clothes by color, but I also always feel as though my own closet’s rainbow effect is rather lacking. 🙂

  7. I love this picture!! I have a rack in my closet (umm closet room) but it does not look as fabulous as this!! Must work on that!

  8. I may be slightly OCD with my over-extensive (and under-worn!) wardrobe!

    I organize by
    -clothing type
    -sleeve length
    (in that order.)

    It takes effort, but I can always find what I need! 🙂

    <3 The Daily Dani

  9. I agree with all 3. The color organization is not only visually appealing but also rather useful. Currently I’m living out of bags, sleeping on a couch, pursuing a dream, but with any luck hopefully I’ll soon be getting my own space and this is definitely an idea I’m locking away in my memory base to apply when that day does come!!
    Darling Bonnie

  10. I try to keep my clothes sorted by type (pants, dresses, tops, etc) and then by colour. I definitely need to invest in more colour as well!


  11. Love love love.
    I, too, use a clothing rack. Not necessarily because I’m tight on space, but because I like to hang up pieces that I haven’t worn in a while or plan outfits for the week. It’s a really fun addition to our bedroom & I feel like I’m in a boutique. Mine was very inexpensive too.

  12. Love this picture!! And it’s funny you posted this. I moved my room into the living room of my apartment (it has a door) and needed a closet. I use a rack as well. I love that it looks like a boutique against my white walls. My rack was a whopping $10 from Ikea! It’s pretty steady if you tighten the screws really carefully! Here’s the link:

  13. I keep my closet color coordinated & put like items together. However it definitely is not as good looking as this picture!

    I’ve also banned myself from buying another navy & white dress- its a problem!

  14. That picture is my dream!!! I try to keep my closet color coordinated and I’m telling you, my closet is definitely lacking in color as well!!! Too many neutrals and blacks!!! xox Elizabeth