I don’t know about you but cosmetics and skincare are just not my specialty. Ask me what dress to wear to dinner or which pillow looks best on your sofa and I can come to a decisive conclusion in seconds. But reading beauty recommendations in a magazine makes me completely overwhelmed. There’s blush, bronzer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, highlighter, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, moisturizer, toner… Which brings me to the question: how much makeup do you wear?
I’m usually a blush, chapstick, and mascara kind of girl… on a good day. But I received a sample of NARS tinted moisturizer when I bought my Clarisonic Mia (which I highly recommend) and I loved the way it made my skin look and feel — less pale, more smooth, and not too heavy. Added bonus: I was discussing makeup with my friend Sarah and she confessed that she loves NARS for its pretty packaging as much as I do.
Now because I’ve tried the sample I’m debating ordering the full size but I really have a hard time splurging on beauty products! But then I see makeup tutorials by some of my favorite bloggers and think I must be missing out since everyone has at least a ten-step morning routine and looks way more put together than I ever do. 

So tell me: how many of the blush / bronzer / eyeliner / eyeshadow / foundation / highlighter / lip gloss / lipstick / mascara / moisturizer / toner / whatever else I’m forgetting categories do you touch upon? What’s your morning and evening regimen? And how did you go about discovering your can’t-live-without products?

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36 thoughts on “HOW MUCH MAKEUP DO YOU WEAR?

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  2. Keep it simple! For me, it’s not how much makeup I use, but making sure I use it correctly and only where I need it. With that said, I swear by BB creams (Hybrid tinted moisturizer and foundation. I love the Garnier formula) so I use that first, a bid of Chanel foundation, YSL Touche Eclat (Miracle-worker for under eye problems), a bit of eyeshadow (preferably Burberry), eye-liner, mascara, and Nars blush (by far the best!). And to top it off, a pinkish nude lipstick (I’ve used Blankety by MAC for the past 8 years!)

  3. During a year when I tried to keep my clothing spending under control, I became obsessed with Sephora. There went all my $ anyway haha.

    I use: sunscreen, primer, concealer, eye primer/concealer/brightener (in 1), powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, 2 bronzers, blush, & mascara.

    It’s a sickness! 😉

    <3 The Daily Dani

  4. Oh, Mackenzie… I wear it all!! I am a self-confessed make up junkie. My pulse picks up a beat when I see a Sephora sign. Been that way since I was 4 and watched my Mom put on lipstick. To me, cosmetics is an art form. xo

  5. I’m with Sassy, when I list it out it looks like a lot, but it literally takes me 5 minutes or less (i’ve timed it before!)

    I use a foundation, concealer then a power with brush to set, then a little blush (Clinique, Clinique,the powder Mac and somedays I can get away with JUST that and my Clinique blush).
    My eyes, I use the Clinique (can we sense a trend here? I’ve used it since high school, and I don’t mess with what works!!!) cream eyeshadow primer, but it has a shimmer so that’s all I usually use. Then eyeliner (Clinque, or Mac, I smudge it a little too along my lash line) and mascara (Maybelline Great Lash, 5 bucks and the best)

    some chapstick and I’m out the door! (Although, I just ventured into red lipstick, Mac Viva Glam I and I feel like a rockstar everytime I put it on!)

  6. Totally just read through all the comments for ideas! I am pretty basic and I’ve been a Bobbi Brown loyalist since my first time buying makeup in high school. But, I’ve been wanting to switch up my routine lately, especially to test out some of these “bb” creams I keep hearing about. I also highly recommend The Vault Files “makeup bag” series for inspiration.

  7. I’m a little bit skincare- AND makeup-crazy! It’s serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF in addition to cleanser, exfoliator, and toner. Then for makeup I use liquid foundation, concealer, light dusting of powder, bronzer, and blush. Then I’ll do very simple eye makeup – two eyeshadow colors or if it’s a “going out look” as many as 6 eyeshadows. Then eyeliner. I don’t use mascara and I rarely remember to put on l/s or gloss because it comes off so fast when I drink water throughout the day. So I mostly focus on getting my skin to look flawless through skincare and makeup and focus less on mascara/eyebrows.

  8. I basically go into Sephora and ask for samples all the time! Especially for stuff that you need to find the perfect shade for e.g. concealer, foundation. I also buy a lot of travel-sized cosmetics for higher-end mascaras and eyeliners just so I don’t splurge on something that completely doesn’t work on me (they run $5-10)

    I use tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, and tons of chapstick. I LOVE the NARS tinted moisturizer and their blush as well, but Benefit’s new foundation is also light and gorgeous! In true fashion, just got a sample of it last weekend 🙂

  9. I am the EXACT same about beauty products! I really, really hate spending the money on them also, so my mom normally gives me a few things for Christmas or birthday. I got into Bobbi Brown products a few years ago and could not say better things about them. I really don’t wear makeup regularly, but love my blush and mascara. My favorite product is her tinted moisturizer because it evens out my skin, moisturizes, and is sort of like foundation without being too heavy…

  10. I never cared much for makeup, I could wear eyeliner and mascara and look good…well, until I turned 42. Now I wear foundation to work every day – a ver light one by Clinique to even my skin tone and hide imperfections.

  11. I absolutely love makeup. I could spend hours trying new colors, testing them on my hand, and then trying it out on my own.

    I do have to say that my absolute favorite foundation/tinted moisturizer is Revision Intellishade. It’s A-mazing. Matches everyone, even my pale pale skin. My dermatologist recommended it bc of it’s ingredients, it’s spf and I’m happy to say it doesn’t break me out either.

    Definitely worth getting some to try!

  12. I’m definitely one of those girls that has a lot of product. My typical daily routine isn’t that crazy complicated… to me. haha. I just do primer, foundation, concealor, powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter. My actual face is the most complex. I sometimes throw on a quick shadow and mascara but I rarely go too fancy with my eyes. I usually get my inspiration and product knowledge from beauty blogs. Also, I’ve heard amazing things about NARS.

  13. Oh goodness, I LOVE me some beauty products. It all started when I began watching YouTube gurus like Lisa Eldridge (youtube her, seriously). I splurge on a high-end foundation, bronzer, blush, and eyeliner. The rest is usally drugstore products. I post about makeup reviews a lot on my blog.

    …and I, too, love Nars for the chic packaging!

  14. I’m not a huge cosmetic junkie but I since I work in a professional office I pretty much wear makeup every day.
    I use Bare minerals for foundation, Laura Mercier Special concealer (for dark circles and blemishes), Light bronzer/blush, then eyeliner (top only during the day), light shadow, and mascara. I just switched to Benefit They’re Real mascara and I’m hooked- it’s amazing! I have short pale lashes and this really lengthens them.
    For face wash I’m a die hard Philosophy Purity fan- it even gets eye makeup off- and their moisturizer Hope in a jar is great too.

  15. I too love my Clarisonic Mia! Not sure what I would do without it!

    I use Missha (based in South Korea) BB cream and it does wonders for my pale skin. It has sunscreen and even serves as a cover up, so I only use my moisturizer and that on top as far as foundation goes. I highly recommend it.

    Other than that, I use a tiny bit of bronzer (Benefit’s Hoola for my pale skin) and blush. I know how you feel about splurging on beauty products, but I totally think it’s worth it if you find the right ones.

    Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment

  16. Instead of a tinted moisturizer try a BB Cream! Clinique and Estee Lauder make great ones. It’s like a tinted moisturizer but adds in age defense, blemish fighting and makes your skin look flawless.

  17. I’m a long-time makeup obsessive, but I don’t wear a lot and prefer to look made-under.

    For foundation/concealer/bronzer, nothing for me has ever or probably will ever beat Bare Escentuals. I love tinted moisturizer for the same reason you do – not too heavy, natural. But I’ve found a lot of them make me feel oily/clammy – the BE powders look and feel SO natural, and they’re actually good for your skin. I can’t recommend them enough (just the starter kit, really – and they’re reasonably priced!).

    For everything else, my routine is mostly eyes; and I’m a Bobbi Brown devotee. Just a quick shadow (usually just one shade, maybe one more darker in my crease), a liner (top only during the day) and mascara and I’m good to go. This is embarassing, but I can’t go out in public without eyeliner anymore; I’m too used to seeing myself in it! I highly recommend the Bobbi felt tip liner – it is the easiest thing in the world to use, and it lasts about 100 times as long as all others I’ve tried!

  18. One thing I’ve learned over the years is a brow filler is just as important as mascara and blush to make your face look awake and alive!

    Not saying caterpillar brows, but just a few swipes of a brow filler such as Bobbi Brown’s gel or an Anastasia products helps give your face that put together look.

    Love that eyeshadow pallet! What is it??

  19. I used to be obsessed with eyeshadows, OBSESSED. They are kind of like painting but on your face & it washes off easily. Now that I’m a little older (late twenties) I just want to wear things that look natural but enhance my features. Isn’t that the real reason for makeup? you don’t want to look fake. Here’s my list of everyday products:

    -Prescriptives Camo Cream for undereye circles and blemishes
    -Korres Monoi Oil Bronzer because I’m super pale and a little bit makes me look alive (not ghosty) but they stopped making it so I have to find a new one 🙁
    -Nars Orgasm Blush–the perfect shade!
    -Clinique eyeshadow in ‘Like Mink’ it’s a classic combo of shimmery cream & medium brown w/a dash of a dark purple eyeshadow as an accent (this may sound dramatic, but no one even knows i’m wearing eyeshadow until they see me without it)
    -Lastly a quick eyelash curling with a swipe of Lancome’s Definicils mascara- it just never clumps, which is awesome.

    I’ll just add a fun lipstick (coral!) & a swipe of eyeliner to for a night out!

    Whatever looks natural on you is the best way to go!

  20. Mine is pretty simple: serum (from Aveda’s Tourmaline line – it’s amazing), tinted moisturizer with SPF (mixed with a bit of my nighttime moisturizer for better hydration – also both Aveda), top lid eyeliner (Clinique quickliner), mascara (Lancome Definicils), bit of blush (Laura Mercier), Rosebud Salve. Takes me just about five minutes. I am completely intimidated by eyeshadow, foundation, primer, etc.

  21. as a serious commuter, i have my routine down to 5 minutes flat (more time for coffee consumption!)

    laura mercier tinted moisturizer, benetint cheek stain, l’oreal lineur intense liquid eyeliner, and cover girl lash blast fusion mascara. finish with rosebud salve (the tube, not the pot) and off i go! for a dressier look, i love to add nars matte lip pencil in cruella or red square.

    eyeshadow is the one thing that i really don’t know how to do – it always looks WAY too evening on me.

  22. I use a moisturizing foundation, Neutrogena brand. My dermatologist recommended it. I use vitamin E oil around my eye area, and I only use liner and mascara, no shadow. My trick to looking younger is only powdering my nose, forehead, and the apples of my cheeks with bareessentials mineral veil. I’ve noticed that if I powder around my eyes it makes my skin look dry and the eye area look creased, or wrinkly.

  23. I am generally a bare-faced kinda girl. I just do not have the time for a full routine. If I have face to face client meetings, I’ll throw on some blush and a little eyeliner, with a sheer colored lip gloss. If it’s date night though, I glam it up.

  24. I use to be the same way barely wearing make-up when I was in dance because when performances came around you caked on the make-up but when I started college I started to play with make-up and see what worked the best with my skin tone and my face shape. I am actually upgrading my make-up right now. But I love NARS, Urban decay, and Bare minerals. Soon Ill be posting my upgraded make-up routine and bag!

  25. I do have an extensive list of things I use but have the whole routine down to under five minutes each time. I use foundation (in powder form), eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer, concealer (both for blemishes and under eye), eye liner, mascara, blush, bronzer, and chapstick. I’m really not as high maintenance as my morning routines sounds, promise, it’s just that I never feel totally put together without all of it. On my off days, I’ll still do my foundation, eyeshadow primer, concealer, and mascara. I find that makeup that blends your skin tone makes the biggest difference so I use it everyday.

  26. I feel the same way – just not into a big makeup routine and wonder how people come up with all of these products and techniques. I’ve recently become a fan of tinted moisturizer as well. I blogged about it in my summer makeup routine this week

  27. I love browsing around Sephora and department stores, but when it comes to actually pulling the trigger, I freeze up! I have my tried and true favorites, and being a very pale girl, I get nervous to branch out from my regulars.

    My routine takes 5 minutes and seems like a lot of products but really, so easy.

    -Apply moisturizer. Let soak in (I use Aveeno or Olay w/ SPF. No sense getting the fancy stuff b/c I go thru it so fast)
    -Apply primer – I used the Too Faced one. Living in the South, this is NECESSARY once it heats up or my foundation slides off my face.
    -Apply foundation – Make-Up Forever HD from Sephora. I’m so fair that all tinted moisturizers are too dark on me. This really evens out skintone.
    -Touch up under eyes/blemishes w/ Lancome concealer
    -Nars blush- I alternate b/t Deep Throat and Orgasm (ahem…)
    -Stila eyeshadow – they make the best eyeshadows! Long lasting with a touch of shimmer
    -A little black L’Oreal waterproof eyeliner on the inner rim of my upper lid (waterproof is key! but I loathe waterproof mascara..)
    -Eyebrow gel – essential to tame the beasts. I just use clear Cover Girl mascara
    -Cherry chapstick

    Boom. Done. When I have a tan in the summer I’ll switch to a tinted moisturizer and throw in some bronzer. 🙂

    I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect lipstick…even though I never wear it. I think I just want to pull out something in pretty packaging that makes me feel glamorous.


  28. I’m just like you. I do not own any lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, etc. I do have some tinted lip gloss for when I’m feeling crazy. I do use lotion w/SPF on my face daily. Nail polish is a different story.

  29. I can spend hours in sephora and usually do when I go there. I have them test it out on my face before I buy it which is the number 1 reason I buy nicer makeup vs. drugstore brands because you can try them on. Us pale people sometimes the colors just look awful!!!