I have a friend who swears by the “something in, something out” rule as it pertains to her wardrobe. Before she splurges on something new, something else has to be donated, sold, or tossed! It’s a great way of editing your wardrobe to reflect what you love right now and weeding through the clutter of things you’ll never wear again, which brings me to my one of my amazing new sponsors: Klury. This luxury fashion exchange is perfect for those of you who’d like to trade in that cocktail dress you’ve only worn twice and those looking for designer items up to 90% off! Umm, I think that covers all of us, right?
To sell on the site, here’s how it works:
1. Upload a description and picture of the item you’d like to sell.
2. Receive quote within 24 hours.
3. Accept quote and mail item with pre-paid postage label.
4. Klury authenticates the item and sends you cash or store credit within 48 hours. 
Basically all the pros of consigning without the wait of knowing whether your items will sell! It also makes for a pretty incredible shopping experience. This Alice + Olivia dress (which I remember seeing on Shopbop not long ago!) is 54% off and this Kate Spade top is just $65. Check out the site here and let me know what you think!

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