Perhaps one of the best things about living in Connecticut is all the green. Every time friends come out from the city to visit for the weekend they remark how nice it is to see flowers, grass, trees… And our yard is definitely no exception! My parents maintain a very pretty garden which is now brimming with pink and white peonies — my favorite! My dad has been trimming them and placing blooms in the mini vases from my boutique and I have to say I’m obsessed!
My dad placed this little bouquet in the traditional white vase on my desk (next to my favorite K. Slademade clutch!). This gives you an idea of the scale of these vases — about 6″ tall and perfect for 2-3 pretty blooms!
This peony is huge and the prettiest shade of hot pink. I love it in the curvy turquoise vase that we have on the windowsill in our kitchen.
We ate dinner outside for Memorial Day last weekend so I improvised a last-minute centerpiece with a cluster of vases and peonies in different colors. Shown here are the traditional coral vase, curvy turquoise vase, and traditional white vase. I kind of love the mixed-and-matched look!

If you’re looking for a larger vase, this one has been holding hydrangeas and lilies on our kitchen counter and I love it! (It’s also been quite the hit for wedding presents!) 

Thank you all for another wonderful week of blogging. I’m still waiting to hear the official verdict on the Shopify contest but I did receive a very thoughtful direct message on Twitter from Daymond John himself saying he was impressed with my efforts! I couldn’t do it without all of you so thank you, thank you, thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Absolutely love Peonies! I have a few bushes that are waiting to bloom but we are obviously a bit behind here in the UK – they are not quite ready but I’ll be filling lots of little vases with them soon.

    Beautiful post!