A handful of pretty things in one of my very favorite hues… 

Let’s play a game… If you could have any three of the above, which three items would you choose?!

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21 thoughts on “PINK PRETTIES

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  1. I normally don’t go for pink, but this is an amazing collection of items! Those shoes, that clutch, that bag – basically I love it all!


  2. As much as I would rather not choose, I’d have to say the J. Crew shorts, ballet flats, and the Kollection bikini note cards.


  3. I have been dying over those Anthro flats since I saw them in the catalog so I would definitely pick those, then I think the tote bag and the Loren Hope necklace!

  4. You ask me to choose three?! Ok, let’s see…The note cards, the matches, and the ballet flats. But I still really love the candle sticks and Loren Hope necklace 😉

    Oh, let’s be real – I love ’em all!!