Let me first admit that I do not like to exercise. I was a competitive gymnast through high school and never had any use for a real gym. Of course now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t pay more attention in gym class because I’m desperate to find a workout regime that sticks. Does it count if I’m a lousy athlete but great at dressing the part?

Aerobics, pilates, power walking, running, yoga, Zumba… Tell me, what’s your preferred form of exercise?

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28 thoughts on “WORKOUT CHIC

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  1. Love that monogram yoga mat! I should have included it on my monogram post today. But, I did include the salt and pepper shakers from your shop- I just love them!

  2. I have those exact same shorts!

    I am a huge fan of pilates and walking. During the summer I also do water aerobics, which sounds like its for older ladies, but is actually really intense. I’ve seen the quickest results from water aerobics and swear by it now!!

  3. Zumba is such a fun workout and worthwhile, too (especially if you can find a high-impact class). Take a friend with you and burn even more calories with all of the laughing you’ll do!

  4. I love it all: weights, running, yoga, classes etc.! I thinks doing a variety of activities is what keeps it fresh and fun 🙂

  5. I used to be a competitive runner in high school and college. Now I drag myself to the gym. The best thing I have found is the Nike Training Club App for iPhone. It’s free and has tons of workouts from 15-45 mins. I try to do it during the bachelorette!

  6. NEVER thought I’d see the day when norts would make an appearance on the blog!!! Perhaps I can do a workout clothes cameo!

  7. I was a competitive swimmer from elementary school through the beginning of college. Now, a few years out from my swim days, I’ve switched to running. Trying to get back in the pool for workouts just depressed me because I can’t do what I used to do! This spring, I trained for a half-marathon–it was great. I’ve found I need an end-goal to keep my workouts consistent and to get me motivated! I signed up for another in September, and I think I will try to add in swim workouts for a little change of pace 🙂

  8. I’m about halfway through the C25K workout and I’ve really enjoyed it so far! Considering how unathletic I am, that’s nothing short of miraculous! Now that it’s summer, I’m trying to get outside more so I’ve been riding my bike, going for runs, and golfing. Gym-wise I love the elliptical and going to spin or yoga/Pilates classes.


  9. Bar Method, power walking on the treadmill, steomill (a rotating stair master – SO HARD but worth it!) are my usual go-to work outs. Sometimes I throw Zumba in the mix on the weekends. And I love those elastic hair ties and Nike shorts. Both are part of my work out wardrobe!

  10. yoga, hands down. i also force myself to go for 2-3 mile runs a few mornings a week (because a glass of wine after work always sounds better than hitting the gym!)

    i just got new running shoes and a couple pairs of bright shorts, so that makes me more excited about exercise 🙂

  11. I love running, I’ve been doing it for like 8 years and I never thought it would stick! But it makes me feel better and gives me energy. I wish my wardrobe looked like that though!

  12. I love to run! I use to hate it, but now I run marathons. I love the feeling I have when I finish. I also like tabata style workouts (my favorite are from a website w/ free workout videos called, xtend barre and spinning. But I hate yoga. It’s so boring. If I spend an hour working out, I want to sweat. My friends who love it tell me that I just haven’t found the right instructor.