I have a question about lipstick. Bloggers and celebrities wear it daily and I think the well-placed pop of pink or red can do wonders. But when I wear it myself, I feel… I don’t know, a little over the top? Number 86 on my 101 in 1001 list was to find the right shade of red lipstick for me which, thanks to a trusty Sephora employee, turned out to be NARS jungle red. But I wear it very infrequently and sometimes even put it on and take it off before leaving the house! Am I crazy? Tell me, do you wear lipstick on a daily basis? If so, which brands and hues do you swear by?

*images SephoraJamie Beck, Wall Street Journal

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58 thoughts on “DO YOU WEAR LIPSTICK?

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  1. As a mid-forties public high school teacher (English teacher, at that), my mouth is constantly going, so no lipstick for me during the school year as far as day-wear is concerned…the need to reapply is completely impractical. Instead, I’m a Chapstick gal, or, at minimum, a little gloss or sheer Chanel lipstick.

    Occasionally, I will wear a red color but feel like a complete fraud if the context of wearing the lipstick isn’t at a LBD-worthy event. 🙂

  2. I finally realized that coral was a better choice for my coloring then red. I do prefer my natural lip color to any lip coloring so I mostly stick with Rumours chap-stick in chocolate mint. At work, because we have to dress up I do wear the coral lipstick with a clear gloss over it. The clear gloss softens it and helps it last longer.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with lipstick. I love it, but sometimes it hates me (or at least I think it does). I think 99% being able to pull off a bright is confidence. Currently for brights, I’m loving MAC – Girl about town and ruby woo. For a more neutral: MAC Modesty, NARS Chelsea Girls and Bolero.

    Good luck!


  4. I love my jungle red and red lipstick in general. But for everyday, i cannot live with my long last Chanel Tubes of color on one side and gloss on the other. Carmen At Chanel picks my colors, but I never have time to reapply, so it makes it through the day and with an additional application, through dinner and dessert!!

  5. I love my jungle red and red lipstick in general. But for everyday, i cannot live with my long last Chanel Tubes of color on one side and gloss on the other. Carmen At Chanel picks my colors, but I never have time to reapply, so it makes it through the day and with an additional application, through dinner and dessert!!

  6. I used to be scared of lipstick (or feel like I was dressing up) every time I wore it, but then I fell in love with NARS schiap (a shockingly bright pink) and started wearing it to special events. After a while, I started to feel naked without it! Now for work and during the day I wear a sheer pinky fuschia by Vincent Longo called LoveBerry, and if I’m going out after work, I swap it for either Schiap, or a bright red Revlon.

  7. I use to be the exact same way…I felt like I was playing dress up when I would wear it!

    I would recommend just ‘practicing’ wearing it-put it on when your about to run a quick errand. You’ll be sure to receive compliments and pretty soon you’ll feel more confident with it on.

    Now I love wearing lipstick and can’t stop buying it so beware! haha

  8. I love the idea of lipstick as well, but wearing it… I feel a bit intimidated sometimes. I do usually put it on a few times a week especially on weekends when I’m going out, but I don’t like the maintenance that comes with it. I hope i ‘grow into it’ because I really do love the look.

  9. I absolutely LOVE wearing lipstick, but it didn’t come without that period you’re describing.

    I found that for me, it’s all about pairing it with either really casual things, or pretty dressy things, and not in the middle {at least at first}, depending on the occasion.

    Like if I was gonna wear it out during the day I tried to make my lip color one of a couple focus points, or even the only one. I would pair it with a boyfriend tee, jeans, and boots… things like that.

    Also, don’t discard it before you try it once or twice!

    I was the same way, where I wanted to take it off, but I made myself keep it on, and after two times wearing it, I was hooked.

    If you don’t like it after trying it, by all means don’t wear it if it makes you uncomfortable or self-conscious.

    My personal favorite colors are NARS Heat Wave, Maybelline’s Fuschia Fever, and MAC Russian Red.

    Style to Stage

  10. Yay!!! I am so excited! I am a new blog follower of yours and this is my first of many comments!! I love your blog!!!

    I prefer a tinted Lip Balm: My favorite is Fresh in Plum, which can be purchased at Sephora. However, I did by a hot red lipstick by Maybelline from their Color Sensatinoal line called:”Are You Red-dy”… LOVE!!! But just for special occasions:)

  11. I’m with you! I’ve only recently started venturing into wearing lipstick. I like cheating–lipsticks that are really more like chapsticks. My ultimate favorite is Covergirl Naturelux in Pinot (spf 15 even, and creamy like a lip balm!) or Burt’s Bees lip shimmer–Rhubarb is a nice deeper color. I will say that I feel much more put-together when I wear lipsticks though!

  12. I still wear balms and glosses on the weekends but I’ve eased in to lipstick wearing for work. My issue was lipstick wasn’t as comfortable to wear but I’ve found sheer lipsticks that are kinda a cross between a lipstick and balm are the best.

    My faves are Dior Addict Lipstick (huge color selection at Sephora) and Chantecaille Lip Chics. I’ve also heard good things about Revlon’s Lip Butters, for something a bit less expensive. 🙂

  13. I’ve just started using Clinique’s “Chubby Stick” (terrible name awesome product) in Watermelon. Not a lipstick – more of a gloss/stain. Doesn’t feel too fancy or over the top but definitely makes my look feel more together

  14. I’m one of those girls that despises lip gloss because of the stickiness, so I stick to lipstick! Sometimes I put a little Aquaphor on top. My favorite neutral colors are Syrup and Plumful by MAC- they’re the color I wish my lips were!

  15. Well, I’m a woman in my forties so I have a different perspective from most. Lipstick is a MUST for leaving the house! I wear Bobbi Brown Lip Color (combo of lipstick and gloss) in Italian Rose or the Lipstick in Brown everyday and have other colors for different occasions. It’s so much easier to wear than gloss (sticky!) and completes your look.

  16. I wish I had the courage to wear a red lipstick! It looks so glamorous! I tend to stick to nudes and pinks when I do wear it, which isn’t too often! Post a pic of you in your red! I’m curious to see it.

  17. I am true Southern girl who doesn’t leave the house without lipstick! I am way too naturally pale and I look tired and colorless if I am not wearing my Clinique Ginger Flower.

  18. I actually only wear lipstick! I have darker coloring so I prefer to rock nudes and orange/reds. It’s also fun to put on lipstick and then a layer of lip gloss to change the color a bit. The 2 colors I have in my purse at all times are Bobbi Brown Orange7 – more red than orange and M.A.C Cremesheen Creme Cup A81. YSL also has great lipsticks that I like to pair with the bright red lip gloss they have. – ARS (

  19. On a normal day I’ll just wear lip tint with a bit of gloss over it, but when my outfit lacks in colour I tend to wear bright red lipstick (Rimmel). I used to have a beautiful berry red lipstick, but I think I lost it at an 18th; I was devastated! I’m going to work on finding a similar shade.

  20. You’re in good company. I tend to do the SAME thing. Ha ha! It’s stilly to get all gussied up with lipstick and then grab a tissue because I can’t muster up the courage to wear it outside. I feel silly! My sister wears it all the time (pink, peach, red, etc.) and she looks amazing. Maybe it’s just a state of mind?

  21. I love wearing vibrant colors, like hot pink, orange and coral, but I don’t get to wear them often. Why? Because of my boyfriend. Not that he doesn’t like it, but kissing a man with a bright pink lipstick would not end well for either of us. So when I’m with him I choose neutral lipsticks or lip pencils and when I’m out with the girls or on my own, I go wild and wear crazy colors. 🙂
    I love Catrice and Kiko. They’re great and very inexpensive.;)
    Diana from

  22. I feel like I have to be constantly checking myself out to make sure it hasn’t faded, didn’t run, needs to be reapplied, etc. so I tend to stay away from lipstick – but I would love to be able to embrace it!

  23. If I’m just hanging around the house then, no – Burt’s Bees all the way. But every time I go out – working, shopping, dinner, etc – I wear lipstick. I mix it up a lot but tend to stick to brights, they seem to be best for my coloring and don’t wash me out. Lately I’ve been wearing OPI Cha Ching Cherry, a bright pink! But I also rock a red lip very often.

    I can see you in pink with your red hair!! Stunner.

  24. Lipstick is a must, even if I don’t wear a stitch of any other makeup.
    Mac makes a lot of great nude colors.
    I feel totally naked without it!

  25. I used to have a Max Factor lipstick that I wore almost exclusively in high school – depending on how much I put on it would have totally different looks. But a strong lipstick look is super high-maintenance! I’ll wear it if I’m going out for a short time or I know I won’t be eating. I recently tried the new Revlon lip butter and liked that ok (doesn’t dry out really) but want to try a few other colors. I also keep my eye makeup pretty subtle if I do a bright lip.

  26. I have recently gotten back into lipstick! MAC has the most beautiful shades and their employees can almost always help you find the right one. Recently I’ve been wearing “Angel”, a fun, light pink lip stick, with the MAC gloss “Partial to Pink” on top. Whenever I buy a lipstick I try to buy a lipgloss to pair with it – keeps lips looking smooth and soft.

  27. my gateway lipstick was my mom’s clinique almost lipstick in black honey, and i still use that today!i am also very partial to rosebud salve, but after seeing all of the bright lip color in the blogosphere i wanted to try it out! i, too, ventured to sephora and found my perfect red (nars velvet matte lip pencil in cruella) and i later picked up the matte lipstick in carthage (hot pink!)

    i work in fundraising, so i never want to look too “done” at the office. if i do wear it to work, i always blot it well and put a little rosebud salve on top. this gives great color but in a more subtle way.

  28. I never wear lipstick… totally feel the same way! But I do swear by my benefit posie tint lip and cheek stain… i just put some on my lips and cheeks and it looks so natural while still being color, and the best thing is that i can still wear my faithful aveeno chapstick over it!


  29. I love red lipstick and wear it pretty frequently (depends on my mood and outfit) but it is definitely not for everyone. We all have different things that seem to work with our features/complexion/personal style and some things that just don’t. If you’ve tried it out and don’t feel totally comfortable in it, I say no reason to force it!

    Have you tried something more subtle, like a sheer gloss? When I want a little pop of color but full red feels over the top I’ll dab a thin layer of clear balm (I use Khiel’s) and THEN apply the red with my finger rather than straight from the stick. Tones it down a lot! Maybe try that if you haven’t already? Who knows, maybe it will grow on you and you’ll work up to a full-on red… And if not, no biggie!

    For the record, my favorite is Chanel rouge double intensite in Ruby Lite (beware, it’s a stain and takes a lot of scrubbing to remove…!) For summer, I like a more orangey-red like NARS Heat Wave, which Joanna Goddard recommended on her blog and I love. Definitely bold though, eek 🙂

  30. I’m scared of lipstick..I only wear it with certain outfits or occasions. It’s not that I don’t like the way it looks, I’m just not very adventurous. I just stick with Laura Mercier glosses! xoxo

  31. Definitely not on a daily basis. I love the look but don’t like how it feels. For special occasions I wear YSL nude and Chanel rouge coco shine which is a sheer lipstick !


  32. I feel the same way as you! I really like the way it looks with others, but even if I’m not wearing an unusually vibrant color, I still eel as if it’s a bit much. I’m trying to get myself more used to it – thankfully I have plenty of time to wear lipstick in the future. 🙂

  33. I love lipstick and I love picking it out! But I do not always wear it because living down in the South and being in college it isn’t always the right time to wear it. But I have many different colors from neutrals to old hollywood red. I have noticed when I wear it I feel more sophisticated and classy! You just need to find the shade that makes you feel good and goes with your skin tone!

  34. I’m not a big make-up wearer, but surprisingly enough, I tend to put lipstick on when I go out to dinner or drinks on the weekend.

    I used to be uncomfortable with it, but sometimes I realized it’s okay and actually fun to feel like you’re playing dress-up. I really like NARA Schiap, NARS Red Square, and Chanel Lover. I always put chapstick on first, because it tones the color down some and keeps my lips from drying out.

  35. I still don’t feel comfortable wearing lipstick and always think it looks odd, BUT, whenever I wear it people compliment it or if they see a photo they ask me what shade it is. Must be doing something right! I wear NARS Jungle Red also, as well as Gipsy for something a little more subtle. I also like Sephora’s Rouge Creme in It Girl (coral-y orange, like JCrew models) and Love Test (bright pink).

  36. I know what you mean, it took me a long time to feel comfortable with lipstick on.

    This is probably the silliest tip ever, but what helped me most is to run my finger lightly all around my lip line after applying. It softens the line a tiny bit so that it looks less “look at me! I’m wearing lipstick!” (at least to me) When it looks too precise I worry that it looks like I’m trying too hard.

    And try wearing it around the house, the more you get used to seeing yourself with lipstick the more natural you’ll feel with it on.

  37. this is on my 101 list as well, i honestly cannot find the right shade for my skin color. i usually just stick with gloss because i always feel so much older when i wear lipstick!


  38. I’m the same way – I buy it and admire it in my makeup kit but never actually wear it. I think I’d wear it more but the man friend doesn’t care for it too much. He thinks its too loud which just makes me not wear it more. I’m trying to find the perfect pink rose color, maybe I’ll actually wear that.

  39. I couldn’t stand the thought of wearing lipstick. It looks so good on everyone else, but not on me in my opinion. Not wanting to break the bank because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, I visited Ulta and bought three shades from NYX (they are $3!). Tea rose is my go to mauve color everyday, and fire is my poppy pink hue. I also picked up a classic red, but I can’t remember it’s name. I definitely recommend trying these to break you into lipsticks. At this price, you can e pediment with quite a few. Plus, the texture of this lipstick is awesome!


  40. I have the same problem! Some people wear it all the time and look so put-together and casual at the same time and I just feel like I’m trying to hard and it’s to much when I wear it… 🙁

  41. I usually put some on before leaving the house and then reapply if I have a meeting or right before I head into class. I don’t use anything over the top – for day, my go-to shade is Mac’s “Blankety” and for evening, I always turn to my trusty Chanel “Mademoiselle.”

  42. I have tinted lip balm, but I am itching to try lip stick. I have full lips and want to find the perfect shade. Maybe I need to make a trip to Sephora.

  43. Mackenzie I feel the exact same way! I always admire it on others, but I tend to stick to Chanel gloss. The color I wear has a coral tint and it looks pretty without looking too bold. I suggest you try out their glossimer glosses- my favorite is #146, coral love.

  44. I found this gorgeous red lipstick at Sephora that looks great, but when I wear it I feel like I have to wear all neutral colors since it’s so bright. It’s funny that you say that sometimes you put it on and take it off before leaving the house, because I do the same thing. I’m also constantly worried about it smearing or about having to reapply it when I’m out, especially if I forgot lipliner at home.

    So mostly, I just stick to Burt’s Bees (the original one). Way safer.

  45. i have tried a lot of different colors & brands. the only one i have found that works for me is revlon lip butter in lollipop, which is a bright pink. i wear it pretty much every day. otherwise i wear the burt’s bees lip shimmer in rhubarb. i like them since they aren’t over the top and the pink is great for spring & summer.

  46. I wear lipstick at all times, even when just walking my dog around the neighborhood, true story. I love anything form bring hues (Poppy King for JCrew and Tom Ford’s Cherry Lush) to softer colors (Revlon lip butters in sweet tart and tutti frutti).

  47. (this is my second time commenting so sorry if it comes through twice!) I have a few tubes but don’t wear it too often. It seems to dry out my lips… maybe I am doing something wrong or buying the wrong kinds but I hate the way it feels on my lips. I feel like I am playing dress up! I wear it for my blog photos so I don’t look washed out, but I rarely wear it for a normal day. I much prefer chapstick or gloss.

  48. I wear lipstick but shy away from the bold hues — a nice skin-complementing raspberry is as deep as I’ll go.

    I prefer tinted lip balms for smoothness, and especially love lip stains: they’re usually sheer, don’t dry out my lips, and last for hours!

  49. I am the EXACT same way. I love how it looks on other people, and I have purchased a tube or two in my time. I can count on one hand the times that I’ve worn it, and I always feel self-conscious and well, over the top!

  50. I want to wear lipstick, even buy it from time to time.. by alas never wear it! I guess I just have never found that perfect color to make me actually wear it in public 😉