Inspired by this pin, I decided to create a look around pairing sweaters and shorts. It might seem counterintuitive but for chilly nights (or excessively air-conditioned buildings) it makes quite a bit of sense. What do you think of this pairing?

31 thoughts on “SWEATER + SHORTS

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  1. McKenzie… this is great. If okay with you, I will probably use this look for a post on the Queen City Style. Thanks for sharing. Of course, Gwyneth always is ravishing. Also, just wanted to say your collage posts are always so creative. You do a great job of taking an image and running with it. You are good at what you do! Whitley

  2. A sweater + shorts has been my go-to summer outfit for years! Classic and simple. Although I do seem a bit crazy when I insist on wearing cashmere sweaters in the city heat… 😉 I just love the look with shorts!