I saw a quote the other day (on Pinterest naturally) about collecting moments, not things. Here are a few moments I’ve been “collecting” recently… with plenty more to come on Nantucket this week!
A coffee date in the shade (where we shot our first His & Hers post this winter!) // Roses in our garden // Brunch with my sister and cousins at the Smith // Navy and pink in our backyard
Afternoon cuddles with Rory // The sweetest care package ever from Ashley // A picture from a happy customer whose daughter gave monogrammed picture frames as graduation gifts // An impromptu sushi date at the beach
The lake where we spent the weekend (I couldn’t get enough of that view!) // New washi tape from a cute Etsy shop // A favorite Emma Graham dress I can’t wait to wear on Nantucket this week // The sweetest little face you ever did see!

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18 thoughts on “COLLECTING MOMENTS

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  1. I love the navy and pink in your backyard! And that lake looks heavenly.

    Love the idea of collecting moments, not things! How perfect!!

  2. So funny…Joe always says the same thing, especially when we’re on vacations (“We should buy experiences, not stuff.”). Glad life’s been treating you so well lately!

  3. You just have the best pink and navy life! Nantucket is on my dream list of places to go; so I hope you’ll share pics of your moments there too!

  4. Looks like you’re loving life these days! Read all of your articles in Matchbook Mag yesterday and all I can say is that I can’t wait for you to have a magazine like that all of your own – I loved every word!

  5. I went to Smith for the first time the other week while in the city for the day!

    The post cards that came with our check mentioned brunch. I am using it as a makshift bookmark right now and am dying to go back for brunch one day.

  6. These moments seem to be shaping up to a lovely, memorable summer ! Enjoy Nantucket, Mackenzie. And, by the way, that navy and pink seating in your backyard is fantastic!

  7. I love this notion of collecting moments – you have had so many sweet & delightful ones lately! Enjoy your Nantucket getaway this week!