I like when little things make a big difference. My mom gave me three Baggu bags when I went off to live in San Francisco last summer and, in addition to being environmentally friendly, they made me happy peeking out of my shopping cart. Now I’m coveting one of the lovely leather options as well…

Have any of you tried Baggu bags? Which of these would you choose?

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  1. Yes, I actually own way too many! I always get so excited when they come out with new patterns or materials. One of my boyfriend’s best friends is actually the founder/creator. Her name is Emily and she has to be one of the nicest, most genuine girls I have ever met. As well as being a kick ass business woman! A piece on her would probably make a great post for your blog!

  2. DC charges for plastic bags at the store, but I had lugging around the grocery bags I’ve acquired over the years. I love that these roll up and that I can fit several in my purse!

  3. Love these-

    did you know that there’s a BAG TAX in DC? If you don’t bring your own bag to a store (ANY store…) you have to pay 5 cents per bag.

    I think it’s a brilliant thing… plus I love my little reusables!’