You know those days that just feel “off?” Nothing horrible happens but lots of little things add up and suddenly you’re having a lousy day for no good reason. In an effort to turn things around over here, here are a few pretty little things putting a smile on my face today…

My birthday is coming up in case someone wants to send me the linen slippers in a size 6 😉 Now tell me: what do you do to turn a not-so-great day around?

22 thoughts on “PRETTY LITTLE THINGS

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  1. Well, and really, nothing can turn my day around like a bright pink!

    To turn a not-so-great day around I go to my fav yoga studio. It does the trick every single time. I leave class a new person.

  2. Just checked out the new J Crew arrivals when I went through to the striped shirt- as if I don’t spend enough of my money there already! Everything is perfect.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  3. Sit outside, have a cup of tea, close my eyes and breathe. And try not to buy myself something to make myself feel better. 😉