One of my favorite things to do on Nantucket is buy an iced coffee in town (or an ice cream cone in ‘Sconset!) and walk around looking at all the pretty houses and gardens. This trip’s takeaway? You can never have too many hydrangeas!
On that note, I think I have a new favorite color: hydrangea blue. Toss it in the mix with hot pink, navy blue, and white and that’s my dream color palette at the moment. Do you love hydrangeas as much as I do?
P.S. You can always find more exterior inspiration here!

21 thoughts on “EXTERIORS & HYDRANGEAS

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  1. Live on Cape Cod where hydrangeas are plentiful and it has been a fabulous year for them. In fact the last photo in your series is a house in Chatham, MA just down the road from the Chatham Bars Inn. The house is known as the “Hydrangea House”

  2. I’m a complete hydrangea addict – as much as I love living in a city, I’ve decided I truly can’t live without my very own blooming hydrangeas in the yard every summer. What better reason to go suburbian than that?

  3. I totally agree…you can never have too many hydrangeas!! They are so gorgeous and perk up any outdoor space!! Mine are still potted right now but I am dying to get them in the ground so they grow!!!


  4. LOVE hydrangeas. They were part of our wedding flowers and I just planted a new one in front of our house. Hopefully more to come in the back as well. I like to think they are “Carolina Blue” so we are big fans in our house because of that!