This is the first weekend in a while that I haven’t made any plans and I plan to power through lots of laundry, packing and shipping, etc. — probably in pajamas most of the time. But if I had my way I’d be donning something more like this…

Ray-Ban sunglasses // Loren Hope necklace (with hot pink ribbon!) // J.Crew dress

You can’t go wrong with cute sandals and a flowy dress! What will you be wearing this weekend?

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10 thoughts on “WEEKEND WARDROBE

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  1. LOL… U r right… I nothing like a flowy dress and sandals… I but like u I am just going through my laundry pile… So I am doing in style: a long green night gal 😉

  2. That Tory Burch bag is on my list of dream purchases. Everything from her Robinson collection is timeless and classic and everything I look for in a handbag. If it ever goes on sale I’m snatching it right up!