Yesterday I attended Alt Summit at the Martha Stewart offices in New York, soaking up inspiration from dazzling speakers and spending time with my favorite blogger ladies (and getting to meet a few fans of Design Darling — pinch me!). I tweeted as much as I could and took notes in a recycled leather notebook that I monogrammed for the occasion (email me to place a custom order!). Here are a few notes from my favorite speaker, Tina Roth-Eisenberg, on living a creative life:

1. Find what you love and don’t stop until you find it.
2. Don’t complain — make things better.
3. Trust your intuition.
4. If an opportunity scares you, take it.
5. Find likeminded people. (Tina’s Creative Mornings might help!)
6. Collaborate. (A little envious of her Studiomates set-up!)
7. Ignore haters.
8. Inspire others.

This really hit home for me as I’ve worked insanely hard to find what I love and trusted my intuition to make it happen, even when it scared the hell out of me. Now to get cracking on everything else on Tina’s list! Thank you to everyone at Alt for putting on such an inspiring conference. Oh and if you want to sell your ticket to the sold-out Salt Lake City conference in January, I may very well be interested 😉

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  1. i went to alt last january in slc! love love your pics and the notes from tina roth-eisenberg. i needed to hear that being scared is a sign to “go for it!”

  2. Thanks for this! I so badly wanted to go – I mean, it was at Martha Stewart headquarters – but between NYFW and Alt in January, I’m a tad broke. haha. Hope you snag a ticket for SLC!

  3. Loved finally meeting you in person and how about we create our own Creative Mornings here in CT?! Love the sketch you tweeted of the windows… Happy weekend!
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