Our puppy Rory is the subject of many Instagrams and tweets but I decided it was high time for him to get his own blog post. The kind folks at Waggo sent him a few goodies so we took a walk around the block to test them out… 
I’m kind of obsessed with the fact that his new collar and leash match my cardigan and leggings from Thomas Kelly. We were meant to be 😉
The cutest face I ever did see.
Posing with his brother Coach.
“I’d rather walk myself, thank you very much.” Someone needs to go to puppy school 😉
Finally winding down…
…and asleep on his new bed which, by the way, is cuter than mine. Thank you Waggo for spoiling him rotten! Who else is obsessed with their pet(s)?!

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  1. Love your blog so much and love your pups! I’ve been searching for a cockapoo puppy for myself. Can you tell me where you found them or what breeder you used? I’d be so grateful. I want to surprise my husband with one.

  2. So cute, my heart melts! Coach and Rory are too adorable for words. Take advantage of their cuddle-sessions before you move out…I miss my westie so much!

  3. Rory is too cute! Glad to see he grabs his leash- our dog Abby does the same thing & neighbors stare at us, judging at how we have zero control over her, haha.

    I swore I was not going to become obsessed with my dog when we got her a year ago. Wrong. I understand crazy dog people now!

  4. Ok, you have no idea how obsessed the boyfriend and I are with your pups! Rory might be cutest thing alive. We clearly can’t wait to get a dog (stupid apartments). Keep the instagrams coming 🙂

  5. cute pups! i have a shar-pei (the one with all the wrinkles) that you could classify me obsessed with,
    he’s actually making his second appearance on my little bloggy later today 🙂