I swear it went from summer to winter in less than a week! It was forty degrees when I woke up yesterday, so naturally I broke out the faux fur… until it hit seventy-five in the afternoon. Here’s a look I plan to wear well through fall: a lightweight sweater and jeans with a cute vest I can ditch once it warms up.

P.S. J.Crew is offering 25% off and free shipping with code STYLE25 at checkout!

P.P.S. Michael was game to participate in Victoria’s hilarious “The Man Behind The Blog” feature! Click on over to find out when I told him I’d started a blog, what he likes about dating a blogger, and what he still totally doesn’t get about girls in high heels 😉

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  1. This is the perfect outfit! I was just in J.Crew today and they had a pair of shoes that looks similar to that only they were practically chukkas for women!

  2. Love every single piece! This is the perfect outfit for these early fall days. Even here in ATL its been in the 40s/50s in the morning!
    PS Loved the MBtB post. I too didn’t tell my boyfriend about my blog until a few months in.

  3. i have been wanting that top, i was going to get it at jcrew but they sold out. i love michael’s “the man behind the blog” feature. i think he deserves his own style column.

  4. Just bought the purple version of this vest at J. Crew Outlet and I am wearing it today!! What a coincidence 😉 So comfy and cute, and I love the giant pockets.

  5. The same thing has been happening to me! The weather said it was going to be 75 yesterday so I wore a skirt and a light sweater and almost froze to death in the morning – it’s crazy!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com