Pairing colors for a new product I’m working on // My new favorite planner and pen
Coach and Rory’s usual perch // New turquoise tray on my bedside table
Pillows galore // Tidying my closet and realizing just how much blue I really own

I think most people who read my blog would be surprised at how messy I am in real life. While I’m drawn to organized office spaces, my own is absolutely out of control, especially with new inventory for the holidays arriving each day. Maybe I’ll start a new organizing feature here on the blog? In the mean time, do tell me: Are you messy or tidy? What are the most and least organized spaces in your home? Where could you use the most help?

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  1. I am crazy clean in the common areas of my house ie. kitchen, living room, etc but I let my bedroom get so, so messy! I also let my desk get messy during the day but I must clean it up every night before I leave in order to feel calm

  2. I try to be very neat, but when in the middle of a project, that can be tough. I keep a few drawers empty so I can throw everything in there in a pinch(shh!). Eventually I will clean them out again.

  3. I struggle with timing. I’ll go on an organizing/cleaning binge and my house looks pristine, and then I work late three days in a row and it looks like a tornado went through the place. If I can stay on top of it, it stays pretty neat. The one area that really needs an update that I haven’t gotten around to yet is my hall closet. Holy Moses, it’s frightening.

  4. I like to think I’m organized but I feel like I have piles of papers everywhere these days. In general, I like things simple, organized and clean and then when I paint, I like to make a big ol’ mess.

    Can’t wait to see what project you’re working on…