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  2. Well, there is how I would decorate on my own & how I would decorate with my husband’s opinion included. I don’t think a pink sofa would fly, but if I were a single girl I may be tempted!

    I want to redo our bedroom- the Ikea nightstands and dresser are fine but if I could I would invest in something better. And the bed needs to go! I would love to have a blank slate in there for a nice calm and soothing room.

  3. If one I could change anything in my apartment [I rent] and there was no limit to my budget the sky would be the limit! I would start from the floors and go up. I would put in hardwood and real tiles. Paint the walls and some of the ceilings. I would redo the kitchen and both bathrooms and the laundry room…… basically there would be an over haul. I would want things to be white and simple but with great pieces of furniture that just pop in the room. I am so ready to live in a place that is actually mine! 🙂

  4. I would definitely take the challenge to convince my husband to buy better quality furniture, especially the couch. It would probably be a pink or white modern sofa. Basically, I would talk my husband out of all his decor contributions…that sounds terrible! But I can’t help it lol

  5. I would love to have Lucite dining chairs, white monogrammed everything in my bedroom, and quadrille drapes! and that is only the beginning of that list!

  6. for this gorgeous white space! i would love something unexpected like a striped couch over zebra rug, accents of black and gold and a gorgeous mirror, a lucite coffetable in the middle with a bunch of pink peonies arrangement on a tall glass vase!

    now you are making me want to redecorate my house, mackenzie!

  7. I love white walls & dark wood floors. I would choose to decorate with patterned/colored couches, pillows, rugs & add decorative items in metallics in mirrors, lighting & accessories!

  8. We’re going to break ground on our house soon, so this is a question I’m perpetually asking myself! If budget weren’t in question, I’d rock chandeliers in unexpected places and really nail it with fabrics and finishes. It may not sound exciting, but that’s where the $$$ add up 😉 Happy Tuesday, lady! xoxo {av}