You may recall that one of the tasks on my 101 in 1001 list was to invest in a “grown-up” handbag and if you follow me on Twitter you know that I think I’ve found the one! I bought this bag during Tory Burch’s friends and family sale over the weekend and I can hardly wait for it to show up on my doorstep. Hopefully it’s absolutely perfect and you’ll be seeing it in many outfit posts to come 😉 What’s your everyday bag? Is it a purchase you saved up for? Do any of you carry the bag I just ordered? Fill me in!

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  1. my everyday bag is one I passed up on in Target. It’s faux snake skin by Merona. I am not into big bags in the least bit. I’m happy small cross body bags are trendy and I hope it lasts a few more years as I hate carrying things. (garbage and groceries included). But once in Goodwill, I noticed a faux snakeskin bag with the tags still on it. It was the same one from Target, for $4 bucks. It fits my real purse, breakfast & lunch for work, and magazines. Sometimes even flats if I’m wearing heels that day.

  2. So cute and perfect for you! I think I’ll finally bite the bullet and get a “grown-up” bag when I graduate. I’ve always loved the Rebecca Minkoff MAB, but some of the TB and Kate Spade ones are mighty tempting…If only we could have them all!

  3. congrats on your new bag mackenzie!!! Now you’re going to have to do a “what’s in my bag” purse and show us all your preppy and cute (navy + pink) accessories!! haha


  4. I’m still waiting for my big-girl bag, haha. Before I turn 30 for sure! I’ve always wanted a vintage Gucci but now I really want that gray Celine bag I’ve seen everywhere. But I’d settle for Kate Spade.

  5. i love that tory bag! i think that is my new favorite. that is my favorite shape and color so i might need to finally invest in a bag! i love when the have a handle and a strap for over your shoulder!

  6. Love the bag! Such a pretty color.

    Most of my good bags are Christmas gifts, come to think of it. I guess I have not really had to save up because of that! I did save up to buy a Coach bag at the outlet mall, right after college. I remember it being such a big deal even though it was on a ridiculous sale, but I had no money at that point. I still have it & its getting a bit beat up, but I was so proud of having something that wasn’t from Target!

  7. This is a GREAT bag choice! My first “grown-up” bag was a Kate Spade sample sale pick, which still hurt my heart because I’d never paid over $40 for a bag before…well…a year later, I’m a bit of a handbag addict and only my budget keeps me from having a full collection! I even have a Pinterest board devoted to handbags (not all pricey and designer though!)