If you haven’t perused J.Crew’s new arrivals yet, all I can say is you’re in for some serious eye candy. I found myself obsessing over almost every single blazer and coat on the site. Is it wrong that I couldn’t limit it down past these six? Crisp white piping, a perfectly ladylike bow, and the prettiest shade of periwinkle with a pop of navy under the collar… Each one blurs the line between want and need. Tell me: if you could only have one, which number would you pick?! 


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  1. I blogged about the navy schoolboy I purchased this weekend. It’s not the best JCrew quality I’ve ever seen, but the fit is impeccable and the wool gets the job done. I am loving the boxy cocoon coat too!! It is the new silhouette in outerwear and I’m drooling.

  2. Just got #2 for my daughter to wear to a party with the navy Minnie pant and the navy silk sleeveless top with with white polka dots and ruffle collar. SO CUTE! Oh and gold penny loafers.

  3. just bought the field jacket from jcrew factory last week! already love and am looking forward to being able to wear it casually or for a cute event!

  4. I absolutely died over the bow coat – I think it completely stole my heart for the only outerwear purchase I’ll make this year. Loving it in burgundy as well!

  5. They really do make it hard with all these great options! Seeing as I already own the field jacket from a few years back I would have to go with the bow coat!

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