Lately I’ve been itching to plan a trip and take a vacation. As I was editing photos for Monday’s outfit post, I stumbled upon folders and folders from my semester abroad in college and took a trip down memory lane. I lived with a host family in Tours, France, for six months and spent weekends frolicking around Europe. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots…
{Ios, Greece}

{Santorini, Greece}
{Périgord, France}
{London, England}
{Munich, Germany}
{Salzburg, Austria}
{Interlaken, Switzerland}

While there’s undoubtedly plenty more to see in Europe, what I have in mind now is a little less adventurous and much more along the lines of packing a couple bikinis and hanging out on a beach for a few days. Tell me: if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? And what’s the coolest place you’ve been so far? I can’t wait to read your responses!

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  1. I studied abroad during college and ever since then I have had the worst wanderlust. I graduated two years ago and I keep trying to figure out a way to move back abroad. I lived in London my junior year, and while I loved it there, I want to try out another city. I’ve been looking at Vienna, Berlin, Paris, or Amsterdam…. any of them would be great, so hopefully it’ll happen sooner than later!

  2. I’m actually studying abroad in Barcelona next semester, and your pictures make me so excited for all the weekend trips! I’m dying to go to Greece & Morocco, so hopefully I’ll be able to cross them off my list in a few months!

  3. I would go to Dubai. It’s on my bucket list. I’ve been to many cities here in the states and haven’t yet ventured out the country but the coolest place I been wasn’t atop the Sears (willis) tower or hancock bldgs in Chicago, but atop the stratosphere in Vegas. I along with a few brave souls in my fam, rode the ride THE BIG SHOT. the most thrilling most fun thing ever.

  4. Have you gone hang gliding?? I’ve stayed on the ground in Interlaken, but never made it up to those heights, it must have been gorgeous. Istanbul is definitely high on my list but right now I am beyond excited for my upcoming trip to South Africa in March!!

  5. The coolest place I’ve ever been was Cambodia, but it wasn’t as long as I would have liked. Definitely want to go back there and explore – but I’m dying to get to Africa since I’ve never been there!

  6. I would love to visit Istanbul! Since I moved here (I live in NYC) many people have thought I’m Turkish and few had talked to me in Turkish. There are funny memories about those encounters but over the years I’ve becoming interested in visiting that country. I have heard it’s beautiful and that their landscapes are breathtaking. Maybe one of these days I can finally travel there.

    So far I can tell you that NYC is intimidating but absolutely AMAZING! I’ve been living here for the past six years and I love it! 😉

  7. Loved this post – your photos are gorgeous!!

    The coolest place I’ve ever been to is a tough question as every place has it’s own charm! First thing that pops into my head however, is Hamilton Island, Australia. It is LITERALLY paradise.

    If I could go anywhere right now it would be Argentina or Brazil!

  8. Great photos! I only wish my study abroad photos were as pretty (and digital). I went to Interlaken as well and we did the cliff-diving (so scary). Now that I’m also less adventurous, a beautiful beach sounds perfect. I’d love to travel to thailand or australia sometime!

  9. I would go to Paris since I’ve never been there. The coolest place I’ve visited is either Melbourne, Australia or Florence, Italy. Both cities are incredible!


  10. Ahh, your Interlaken picture makes me miss it so much! I can’t wait to go back; it was one of my favorite trips in Europe when I studied abroad in Italy.

    I think to date my favorite place I’ve been is Kotor in Montenegro. It’s a tiny city, but there are millions of things to do in and around the city itself (the country is very small so travel is easy), and there’s nothing better than climbing 1350 ancient steps for absolutely incredible views.

  11. Wow, your photos are stunning. I was looking for the little “images via” link & realized you took them. The coolest place I’ve been is Costa Rica or maybe Muir Woods in California, but I’ve never been to Europe. My mom and I are planing to take my older daughter to Paris when she turns six. (she’s 3). Needless to say I cannot wait!

  12. I would immediately hop on a plane to Greece! I’ve been wanting to go for a long time.

    The coolest place I’ve been is on my honeymoon to Egypt. My husband & I are history nerds, but he did schedule in some relaxing pool time for the really hot afternoons. And now with the revolution, it would have been awhile before we’d be able to go visit!

  13. I loved reading your study abroad blog back in the day! I studied abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa and swear it’s the most beautiful place!

  14. i would go back to barcelona in a heartbeat right now! i studied abroad there in college and it’s my favorite city in the world! another really great place is alaska. wildly beautiful! just make sure you go in june 🙂


  15. I would go back to Provence in a heartbeat! This summer we stayed at the most lovely hotel in Crillon-le-Brave and visited some of the most charming villages! Also, if you are looking for more of a beach vacation, one of our very favorite inns, Montpelier Plantation, on the island of Nevis is on sale through Vacationist right now!

  16. I would go to the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod. I have never been to either of them and have been wanting to forever!!!