You may recall that one of the tasks on my 101 in 1001 list is to find my signature scent. My sweet mom was kind enough to spend a recent afternoon searching with me and we had a lot of fun spritzing different bottles and either loving or wincing at each scent (though not half as glamorous as these photos). Isn’t it funny how personal scent can be? Anyway we narrowed it down to this and this but now I’m completely torn. Is it possible to have not one but two signature scents? Is there a perfume you swear by? Do share — I’m thisclose to being able to cross this one off my list!

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  2. I love Ralph but using that as my overall scent stared to feel a little young for me. Now I apply a different perfume (think wrists, neck, etc.) and put one spritz of Ralph in my hair. Every time I turn my head or am walking into the wind it releases the scent and creates a nice layered effect. Also, so unique. No one else smells like you even if they’re wearing the same perfume 🙂

    Live Inspired,

    Heidi Chamoun

  3. i wore Ralph for YEARS. i love it! i finally got around to going to a ‘make your own’ perfume parlor and that has been the best thing i’ve ever done!!! it doesn’t get any more personal or signature than that! look for one in your city…i live in atlanta and there are a couple around here. you basically do a quick and answer some questions and the master perfumer helps you mix and match till you arrive at your perfect scent. most of it is made with oils too so it actually stays on all day long!

  4. Mine is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker (the original) …. I LOVE IT and have been wearing it for years and always get compliments on it. Every now and then I think I need a change and I’ll switch to Stella or Pure Tiffany, but I always come back to Lovely.

  5. I wore the Ralph Lauren one you linked to for a few years in high school and really liked it. I’ve been wearing Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel now for about 5 years. It is amazing. In my opinion the perfect scent.

  6. I think having two scents is completely reasonable. One for cooler months, one for warmer months? I have Burberry Sheer and I really love it…thinking I need the original for coat weather!

  7. I love Tocca Cleopatra and Burberry.
    I agree with some of the other commenters about Daisy getting old really quickly. I purchased it and only used it a handful of times before I couldn’t stand the smell of it anymore.

  8. I definitely have two- Stella by Stella McCartney and Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb… These two scents are so different they suit my moods depending on how I feel 🙂 Go for it and get get both!

  9. I have Ralph perfume now and it is perfect everyday. For going out I like something a little more flirty so I prefer Miss Dior Cherie! And it has an adorable bow on the packaging!!

    xo kirsten

  10. Those are great scents! The Ralph by Ralph Lauren was my signature scent in high school. I still lvoe it but I kind of outgrew it. I love Light blue by Dolce & Gabanna, but if you’re trying to fidn yours still I would get those sample sized sets at Sephora, they are around $50? and they come with a bunch to try plus a certificate for a full size bottle of one of them so it’s a really good way to go 🙂

  11. I’ve gone through my fair share of scents over the years (Ralph was one of my first!) but recently I am pretty settled on Stella by Stella McCartney. It stays on my skin all day and is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy while still being incredibly clean.

  12. I love fragrances and I am always on the hunt for something new, just because I love perfume, but there will usually be one that when you wear it, people will comment, that IS your signature scent! It smells better on YOU than any other and is recognized by those near you. Our body chemistry will change so that means our scent will too over time. The one fragrance I wore for years changed on me so I had to go on the hunt. When I was in Paris I went into Guerlain and found my new signature scent, Oriental Brullant! it is a floral, spice scent and it is wonderful. I also wear Chanel No.5.
    I noticed the fragrances you loved have a vanilla, musk base with top notes of florals. Get familiar with the notes you enjoy and then you will find the one you love. always wear it around the store for at least 30 min. because you need to give it time to dry down with your chemistry. good luck!!

  13. i’m a big fan of multiple signature scents!

    my every day scent is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and then I have a few that I play around with for nighttime!

    i absolutely adore jo malone and may make the switch.. but the one I would kill for is the always in style Chanel No. 5

  14. I second the comment about wearing samples of each for a week or two at a time. I’ve loved some scents that ended up giving me a headache after a few hours of wear. I wear three perfumes the most often – Pink from Victorias Secret for when I don’t want a lot of scent (it’s very light), Twirl by Kate Spade for an average day, and Euphoria by Calvin Klein for nights out or romantic evenings. Wanting to add another, maybe something a little spicy but for day-use.

  15. i switch between burberry brit and daisy, it is definitely okay to have two!! 🙂 tocca cleopatra and juicy’s viva la juicy are also some of my favs!! i like to change my fragrance with the seasons and my mood!

  16. I think it’s possible to have two signature scents. I have a daytime and night time scent. I’ve been wearing Daisy for years and love it. My night time scent is Stella by Stella McCartney. Both Daisy and Stella come in a roll on which is PERFECT for travel.

  17. I have both of those.. I like Ralph a bit more than Daisy on me. My signature scent is definitely Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. I actually ran out of it recently but I have several (read about 10) other scents that I’m trying to finish up before I will let myself buy another bottle of VH. It’s so hard!! haha


  18. What a fun mission!

    I have a two scents that I switch between Ralph Lauren Blue and Lancome Miracle. I love them both. Sometimes I wear just one for months, other times I switch between them daily.

  19. I used to have a day perfume and a night perfume, so yes, it is definitely possible! Now I have three perfumes, but they’re all the same brand and smell a little bit similar. It’s fun being able to choose based on my mood or outfit. I alternate between Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell (my favorite), Nectarine and Honey Blossom (which I mostly wear in the summer), and English Pear and Freesia (for the colder months).

  20. I used to have two signature scents, one was Daisy and the other was Ralph Lauren Romance. Daisy got to be too strong and alcoholy smelling for me so I had to retire it, so that may be something to consider, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Romance so I think Ralph would be a good choice. But I think you can definitely have both!

  21. I can never choose just one! I wear several different ones, though I do have an all time favorite. If I had to choose between these two, the Ralph Lauren one would be my choice. It’s such a pretty, lovely scent. And I think it wears better than the other. Hope this helps!

  22. I love all the scents from Calypso St. Barth. I use the vanille as the base and mix it with the violette most days & always get tons of compliments. I also love their mimosa, bellini & lavender.

  23. While I’m not a big scent person (I always forget to put it on!), I do know that lots of people vary what they wear depending on the season and occasion/time of day. I say get smaller roller sizes of both and change it up! The roller is also nice because it’s portable and doesn’t spray everywhere if you reapply in public.

  24. I’ve been spending months trying to decide on a new scent, and I finally just ordered Kate Spade’s Twirl! I don’t think I will ever be able to fully give up Clinique’s Happy though (I’ve been going through samples of it for years now!), so I may also just have to have two 🙂

  25. I second having multiple signatures! I like to change my scents with the seasons. For the last few years, I’ve been wearing Vera Wang Princess in spring and summer, Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works in fall, and Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works starting around Thanksgiving and through the rest of winter. I’ve been so pleasantly suprised by the BBW scents–they are affordable, smell complex and delish, and they really last all day, especially the Amber!

  26. I’ve got TWO signature scents. One for day (Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil) and one for night (Dolce & Gabanna – Light Blue).

    I don’t see why you can’t have two!

  27. Maybe you could get sample- or travel-sized bottles of each and try them for a week or two. See how you feel while wearing them and (without asking for advice) see if anyone says anything to you about how you smell.

    I want a signature scent too, but I always get so overwhelmed when I go the perfume sections of department stores. I’ve never been able to narrow it down.