I’m crazy picky when it comes to choosing art and the worst part is I can’t even describe what I like and don’t like — I just know it when I see it. That’s why I get so excited when I stumble upon someone’s work that I instantly fall in love with. Case in point: every single piece in Elizabeth Mayville’s adorable — and completely affordable — Etsy shop. Imagine being so talented you could make lemons and George Washington look equally charming? I suppose I’ll have to make do by purchasing as many of her prints as possible 😉 Who are some of your favorite affordable artists? Two more I love right here and here.


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  2. Adorable! I love the sailor strips with the messy bun! Pink Pagoda is an Etsy shop with great colorful, bold prints (plenty of pink, navy, and ginger jars–pure Mackenzie!), and I also love Minted.com, a stationary site that now features artwork. Their prices are a little steep when you get into bigger sized prints, but the smaller ones are so perfectly reasonable that I have to stop myself from going on an art spree!