Thank goodness for Pinterest. I feel like I’m constantly stumbling upon new blogs, designers, products, you name it. One of my recent discoveries is the work of Lynn Morgan, a Connecticut interior designer whose work speaks to my love of all things blue and white. Without further ado…
Stunning, right? The last space is possibly the cutest, coziest living room I’ve ever seen. Then again there’s a lot to love: the arched doorways, cushy seating, outdoor seating… What’s one thing your dream home wouldn’t be complete without?

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  1. Wow, this is gorgeous. My favorite part is the bedroom with topiary and chaise, and the creamy yellow color of the walls where you see in the picture how it changes depending on the light (left vs right). LOVE! But I digress…my dream home would have a window seat/nook for reading, preferably at a bay window on a lower floor overlooking a garden. I can see it now 🙂