In the spirit of Monday’s post about ten ways to decorate for Christmas, we got started this weekend placing candles in the windows and hanging garland over the front door. My mom had seen this adorable wreath and decided to recreate it with materials we had on hand. I love the way it turned out!

Materials: hand pliers, chicken wire, metal wire, and some sort of greenery (we used boxwood from our backyard but any kind of garland would do!).
1. Cut your chicken wire and lay out your shape. We did “H” for our last name but you could make any shape you like or even three letters for a monogram!
2. Twist each piece of chicken wire into a tube shape. This doesn’t need to be perfect — just three-dimensional so you can secure your greenery to the wire.
3. Wrap your greenery around each part of the letter and secure with metal twist ties as needed.
5. Go back and trim as necessary. 
6. Ta da! You’re almost finished. Now wrap with Christmas lights…
7. And hang on your front door! You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. 😉
What do you think?! Any fun holiday DIY projects you’ve tackled lately? 

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  1. One of the best DIY wreaths I’ve seen this season! How long does the Boxwood last and how do you get the lights on without having an ugly cord hanging from your front door?

  2. LOVE the initial “wreath”! Leave it to you to find a way to monogram the front door 🙂 I love that you chose to use fresh greenery. I would have been the one to run to Michael’s and grab fake garland. I bet this DIY would be amazing with some live garland, and smell good too! Maybe I will try it for a door inside my place! Great idea.