When it comes to jewelry, do you find that you frequently reach for the same pieces? I wear the same pair of simple studs almost every day and reach for either bangles or rings to accessorize an everyday look. I almost never go for necklaces! Lately I’ve been switching between my monogrammed cuff and my tortoiseshell bangles. And then I stumbled upon these pretty little numbers and can’t narrow down which color (or colors!) need to come live with me. Say hello to the Gorjana wrap bracelet:

 Sadie triple wrap in redwood leather (loving this for a cool equestrian vibe)

I think they’re so pretty either on their own or paired with some of the pieces I’m already wearing. Are there certain pieces of jewelry you find yourself reaching for again and again? And are you more of a bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings kind of girl? Do tell!

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  1. These wraps are great! I find I gravitate more towards earrings because I always take my bracelets off at work when I’m on the computer… But maybe these wrap bracelets wouldn’t get in my way!

  2. i’m definitely more of a necklace girl…my rings and bracelets don’t change too often- those are my staple pieces.

    also, kind of having a love affair with that blue color of the gorjana bracelet 🙂


  3. Loving these bracelets! The blue one looks like hydrangea blue! 🙂

    I have many pretty earrings but I basically always wear my pearl ones, I can’t help it! I love rings and bracelets and necklaces as much as the next girl but I have yet to find one piece of any of them that I like to consistently wear.

  4. I, too, rarely leave the house without my ‘go-to’ studs or simple hoops in my ears. On my wrists/hands are wedding rings, a watch and a monogrammed bracelet. I love the texture and colors of these bracelets. Certainly something to consider!

  5. I’ve wanted one of these forever, but just like you I can’t decide on a color! I always wear my brass colored Fossil watch and usually various combinations of my Alex and Ani, Yurman, and Kate Spade bracelets. I have silver rings on my right hand I never take off. And my pearl studs are usually in my ears, but sometimes get replaced by rhinestone studs or my navy Kate Spade Gumdrops.

  6. i love the redwood one! i usually wear one of three stud earrings, kate spade watch and sometimes a necklace. i really like bracelets so i am always on the hunt for new ones! i really want a link bracelet and an initial bracelet to add to the collection.

  7. I LOVED mine but I’ll warn you- the blue dye and wash from any denim will easily rub off on these because the leather is so soft! Go for a darker color, mine was light pink (almost nude in color) and was ruined. 🙁

  8. These bracelets are gorgeous! I have a particular pair of earrings that I wear literally every day, and I always wear a watch and a ring, but I love to mix it up with different bracelets!

  9. I always tend to reach for my MK watch, two rings I wear everyday and simple gold studs.

    I like to mix it up by adding a few bangles or a statement necklace depending on the outfit!

    I am gushing over those Armani Exchange pants! I love that they are so versatile, but also emit such a cool factor!

    X Kenzie


  10. i NEVER take my diamond cross necklace off – then i wear 2 rings almost EVERY day – i use to ALWAYS wear a watch – but other then that i don’t “jewl” it up unless i’m doing ‘something’ – but i have a serious collection u’d think i would wear the stuff