My Society Social chairs arrived this week and I am in love! (Did you catch the sneak peek here?) Now I’m getting excited to start thinking about all the pretty little details like hanging art, picking out pillows, styling and restyling my book collection, etc. Here are a few throw pillows I’m loving at the moment…

Are you sensing a trend? I’ve been decorating in mostly blue and white so I think pillows would be a fun way to bring in a pop of pink. By the way, the Design Darling pillows are on sale right now for $42. Making way for new inventory… or just making it onto my sofa 😉 

P.S. Speaking of pillows, what is your bedding set-up? I’m totally stumped on bedding right now. White comforter with colorful pillows? Too impractical for a puppy who gasp sleeps on my bed? Any favorite options you’ve seen lately? Do share! xx

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  1. I’m too messy for white…I use a quilt from Roberta Roller Rabbit (73rd/Lex) with white shams, a colorful throw pillow, and a folded blanket at the foot of the bed. Well-priced and not too heavy, but not too light.

  2. i have all white bedding. i have 2 sets of sheets and 2 duvet covers i switch out and wash since my dog thinks my bed is his, and it’s hard to argue with a 110 pound german shepherd. my duvets are from ikea because every once in a while, he will ruin one and it doesnt kill me as much to buy a new one. i also have blankets i can layer under my duvet/comforter depending on how warm i want my bed to be, all that are white. make sure everything is machine washable!! (and make sure it will fit in a normal size washing machine.)

  3. Maybe do more of a navy/white combo in the duvet. West Elm has a pretty striped option of this is a nice option from Bloomies: http://www.bedding.com/duvets/royal-tradition/bloomingdale-navy-white-duvet-cover-set?mr:trackingCode=CC40DC0D-CA64-E211-A87C-001B21A69EB8&mr:referralID=NA&mr:adType=pla&mr:ad=22208789249&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr:filter=46240405049&gclid=CL-OuIS8kLUCFQyZ4Aod-0IArw Will help hide the dog hair/paws. The only way I got my white duvet clean was by keeping my pups off the bed.

  4. No dog in my home, but I also live in a very small city apartment. I often find myself working/eating/watching tv/etc on my duvet (bad habit, I know!!) so white monogrammed bedding is just not in the cards for me right now. Navy and white is my go to color scheme (with dashs of hot pink for fun!) and I tend to gravitate towards navy on white toile patterned bedding, it is still pretty but hides wear. I had a wonder RL set for a long time that finally bit the dust and am currently rotating between a Lands End version for winter and a cute Ikea linen-ish one for warmer months. I would love a solid navy with a white monogram but I fear it will be too dark and make my place look smaller than it already is! Excited to see your apartment on the blong once complete! Good Luck!

  5. I have a big dog that sleeps in my all white bed. I try to keep an extra blanket for him so that he stays off the white. I take mine to the laundry mat every couple months to put in the huge washers (then tumble dry until it is halfway dry, then air dry so it won’t get dingy!) and it looks as good as new!