We had a taste of tolerable weather yesterday (above 40°…) and you can bet I jumped on the excuse to shed my winter coat and don some lighter layers! I’m kind of obsessed with this jacket and plan on wearing it well into spring. Everything else is part of my go-to uniform: my beloved bag, skinny jeans, and shoes with just the right amount of height (did I mention I’m 5’1″?).

P.S. Thank you for your enthusiasm for bringing back the outfit posts! I’ll be aiming to take pictures once a week from here on out now that I’m settling into a new routine… Weather permitting of course 😉

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  1. The field jacket is the best purchase I ever made so I totally agree, and I do wear it all year long.

    Also, I completely agree on the warm weather. Here in Chicago it hit 45 and I was out in a vest again

  2. I am with you on the field jacket. I bought it at J.Crew while it was still 100 degrees out and had been waiting to wear it ever since. It has definitely gotten it’s wear. It is part of my daily uniform as well! I am also a fellow short girl. I’m 5’2 on my tippy toes!! 🙂

  3. OK, miss Mackenzie, now I really badly need that jacket. Been eyeing it on JCrew for a few weeks…and I’m also happy you’re doing outfit posts! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day.

    – Shelby