Hands down the show I was most excited to attend this fashion week was Milly. (Seriously you should have seen the happy dance I did when the invitation appeared in my inbox!) My photos of the runway were pretty lousy (and you can find great ones right here!) so instead I thought I’d recap my own experience attending the show. First and foremost, in the interest of full disclosure: I was waiting in line for standing room with Kiel and Sarah when an usher asked us to fill empty seats in the fourth row — hello, dream come true! I always get nervous walking into these kinds of events by myself so it was great to connect with a couple friends and have a chance to catch up at our seats (!!!) before the show began.
I’m probably not alone in thinking that the people watching at Lincoln Center is just as fun as attending the actual shows. I loved how much that one girl’s neon pink blazer popped against the rest of the crowd!
See what I mean about getting a good runway shot? So not my forte. I think it’s the crazy bright lights coupled with how fast the models are strutting their stuff… Not to mention my own inexperience behind the camera. You know what they say: practice makes perfect! (Although I will say it’s kind of cool to look at this and see everyone in the front row chit chatting about the look coming down the runway…!)
I do believe that’s Kim Cattrall third from the right! Any other famous faces you recognize?
The overall set-up… I loved the bright white “M” front and center!
I’ll never tire of blue and hot pink together. That look totally stole the show in my book 😉 Are you a big Milly fan? I’m anxious to see this collection hit stores this fall but in the mean time I’ve highlighted some of my favorite pieces available now in the slideshow below (click over to see if you follow in Google Reader!).

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  1. I do admire the neon jacket in the sea of all black. It stands out so much more. The pictures look great to me! I just love seeing every one’s own view of how they aw NYFW and yours looks pretty amazing, 4th row. =)

  2. I, too, would be ecstatic if I was invited to the Milly show! I featured Milly on my blog just a few days ago! I’m sure you’re excited about the Milly + Banana Republic collaboration too 🙂

    Great post!

    Jessie Holmes Springer

  3. Oh you’re so lucky!!!! Milly is my absolute favorite line. I would probably die from excitement if I got to go to the show. Thanks for sharing your experience Mackenzie!

  4. Wow! What a lucky girl you are; that is too cool! I love the blue and white bikini and will definitely be putting that on my wish list!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂