As I’m walking Rory around the neighborhood, I’m constantly taking note of places I need to visit when I find myself out and about sans my canine companion. A new-to-me boutique, grocery store, nail salon, restaurant… You name it. My latest nearby obsession is Journelle, an adorable lingerie boutique that has three locations in the city and also offers online shopping (with free shipping!). 

I stopped in to shop for couple new bras — truthfully, not the most fun errand and one that I’d been putting off for probably too long — and surprisingly fell in love with the playful branding, upbeat sales associates, and the amazing little number above: Ongossamer’s Bump It Up bra. If you didn’t think you could get excited about something so very simple, think again. The low neckline and seamless finish mean you can wear it underneath every top in your closet — but it’s the French knot center that has me sold. It’s a darling little detail on its own but it can also be twisted a second time for a little extra va va voom 😉 Affordable, practical, and subtly sexy? You can bet I bought it in both colors!

P.S. For more NYC favorites, check out the comments on this post!

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  1. Nothing like a new bra to put some sass in your step! My mom was visiting me a few months back and noticed how much I needed some new bras, so she forced me to invest. It’s such an easy thing to forget about but they make such a difference in your look. I’m a huge fan of Natori but each brand fits differently, so you have to find the brand that works for you!

  2. I, too, have a couple of Journelle bras and they are just so comfy! I’ve never shopped in an actual Journelle store though! I’ll have to check them out next time I’m in the city! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Jessie Holmes Springer


  3. Mackenzie, this couldn’t have come at a better time — yesterday I finally gave up on an ill fitting bra and declared it bra shopping week. Thanks to Laura for the suggestion to check Journelle out at Nordie’s. I’ll head over there later today!