I pay attention to trends in the sense that I read blogs and magazines and like to know what’s going to be big in stores in the coming months. But there are usually only a couple trends each season that jive well with my personal style. Neon? Only in small doses. Spikes and studs? Not for me. White bags and shoes? Just say no. But lately I’m seeing a lot of fun updates to the classic baseball tee — brighter colors, cool zipper details, unexpected fabrics. Here are a few that have caught my eye:

{Addison, $138 — I bought this one!}

What do you think? Is this a trend you’ll be buying into? 

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  1. This reminds me too much of what I wore in High School (can’t say I had the best taste back then). I will definitely be skipping out on this trend, even though I love a zipper back tee.

  2. ,,,you could not have describe more accurately my own sense of style and fashion and my caution for things that are trendy. i steer away from most ‘trends’ i prefer and lean towards the ‘classics’ but i dig these baseball t-shirts and a little neon adds just the right punch,,,

  3. I love the look. But I’ve always loved baseball tees. American Aparel and even Express have cute and affordable options. Great with cut offs or a skirt for work. These are all cute!

  4. I love this trend. The biggest draw for me is that it is a trendy piece, but even when it’s not it’s still just a tee-shirt and can be worn anytime, weather paired with a skirt and heels, or jeans and Converse.

    It’s so versatile even when it’s not the hot thing of the moment. It won’t ever be a “you-should-never-wear-this” piece.

    I love the first one and the grey sleeved Splendid one, but you can’t go wrong with simple white and navy either. 🙂

    Style to Stage

  5. These are definitely growing on me! I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but am planning on buying one oh so soon! I absolutely love the one you purchased!