I’m not going to tell you how many outtakes we have but my goodness, I love this little guy. Speaking of love, I should mention that this top is the best thing to happen to my wardrobe in some time. It’s the perfect color (pairs well with either navy or turquoise) and is as comfy/drapey/soft as anything else I own. I’m already coveting it in other colors — thankfully there are plenty to choose from!

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27 thoughts on “OUTFIT {HEY, RORY!}

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  1. I just took some photos with Millie and maybe have 3 that are usable! Puppies are so silly. I love Rory – so glad he’s having a moment on the blog!


  2. i love that top! i really like the hot pink and white ones too! you and rory look great! and i love rory’s leather leash! such a stylish pup!

  3. Rory is such a cutie and in the second or third photo where his ears are flapped up makes him look like a little bunny. Ah you are so lucky to have such a sweetie pie.
    The blue of that top looks fantastic with your hair!


  4. I’m moving back to NYC (after 5 years away). But, this time I have a dog (a 9 lb. cockapoo). Did you find it difficult to find an apartment that allowed dogs? I’ve heard it has become increasingly difficult to find pet friendly places.

  5. This is one of my favorite blouses–I have it in white, black, and navy and am actually wearing the white one today! This color looks great on you and Rory is precious.