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I’ve always admired girls who can pull off a baseball cap. Not only is it smart for safe sunning purposes but there’s something effortlessly cool about a preppy girl who can throw on a backwards cap and head to the beach. Will any of you be borrowing this style tip from the boys?

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12 thoughts on “BORROWED FROM THE BOYS

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  1. I own and wear too many baseball caps, but at least they are cute ones like Southern Proper. I think Southern Proper hats fit girls so well because they can be tightened so much without looking bad. I love them. I might have to have the last one you posted from J Crew (see I am addicted).

  2. i have a navy one with white polka dots i bought from the mens department at forever21. i love it! growing up, i was always the kid that had on a baseball hat.

  3. I look so awkward in any type of hat, it’s a struggle for me. Love the look on others though! I think my head is small? I did find a Black Dog baseball hat that fits my weird head & love to throw it on. It’s so good for casual bad hair days, I need to do it more often!

    And maybe invest in another classic color, like navy. Mine is hot pink. Not so tomboyish, haha.