Lovers + Friends  //  Charlie Jade  //  Joie (how comfy do these look?!)

Splendid  //  DVF (those cutouts!!!)  //  Shoshanna

Lately I’ve been drawn to a warmer color palette in addition to my usual navy blue and white. Since I generally steer clear of orange and red as a redhead, I thought I’d share a few favorites so I can live vicariously through all of you blondes and brunettes 😉 Do you all have lots of parties and weddings coming up? Shall I keep the pretty dresses coming? As always, would love to hear your thoughts! xx

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  1. Thank you for this post! That DvF dress is now mine and just in the nick of time! I have engagement photos on Monday and it’ll be in my hands on Saturday. What a relief– I was so frantic because I couldn’t find ‘The Dress.’ Forever indebted. xo kaylan

  2. that charlie jade dress is amazing!!! i can’t wear orange unless i am really tan. which doesn’t happen. i love red but usually don’t wear it unless it is fall/winter.