I’m spending the next couple weekends out of town (my sister’s graduation, Sarah’s wedding!) and it made me think how much I miss traveling, both near and far. I lived in France for six months in college, moved to California for a few months after graduation, and my family has a goal to see all fifty states together… It’s safe to say I love a good adventure! 

I thought it would be fun to count up the number of countries and states I’ve visited and ask you to do the same! (You know I love a good list.) My tally is 12 countries and 36 states — I would love to hear yours! One of the goals on my bucket list is to set foot on all seven continents and so far I’ve only hit two. How about you?!

P.S. How cool is this corkboard map?

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  1. Countries: Mexico, Bahamas, Bon Air and North America so 4
    States: 19 states it will be 20 this summer! basically the southern states going from California straight to Georgia then up to New York!

    I love this post! I hope to hit all 50 states one day too! And of course I want to travel out of the country! I love to travel it is an all time favorite I would do more of it if I could!

    Bee You

  2. 3 countries, France, India, China and I would say 15 would be a safe number for states….all up and down the eastern seaboard, texas, the south, and CA! xx

  3. I have been to 31 states (plus Puerto Rico) and 19 countries. I also want to visit all seven continents and I am almost there: just Antarctica left!

    {emerald city diaries | aaronandmisha.com}

  4. I’ve traveled to 25 states (halfway there!) and 10 countries. I will be adding two more countries to my list as I will be traveling to Belgium and the Netherlands this summer. I also plan to study abroad in Spain in college. I love to travel!

  5. ive hit 30 countries and am trying to get a new one every year! i love that you and your family want to visit all 50 states together

  6. I’ve been to 25 countries covering 4 continents and about 15 states. My family lived in England for 2 years when I was young (so we travelled ALOT), and I studied in France last year!
    I’ve definitely got the travel bug and want to travel so much!

  7. I’m at 8 countries and 16 states! There are HUGE chunks of the US that I’ve never visited and would love to! and ditto for Greece- hopefully next year!!

  8. 44 states, 20 countries, 5 continents. I’m heading to Ireland in a week, so that will be a new country as well! Now I have so much wanderlust! 🙂

  9. I’m working on my states next week — taking off on a two week cross country road trip for our honeymoon!

    But I desperately want to do more international travel — I’ve never been to Europe!

  10. 36 states, 13 countries, and 4 continents…I honestly thought my country count was higher, but I’ll be adding at least 3 in the next month!

  11. Oh I love this list as I love to travel as well! I’ve been to 18 states (I didn’t count states I’ve only driven through, but I guess they count?) and 14 countries! And I’m going to be adding more countries this year because I’m moving to the Philippines for a year. Great blog post, Mackenzie!

  12. 10 countries (3 continents) & 19 states. Definitely looking at traveling as a long time goal!

    I’m hoping the next couple of years to knock out some more states, especially on the West Coast!

  13. 49 states, 30 countries, 6 continents. Adding Alaska {final state} and two more countries {Spain and Norway} this summer. My big travel goal is to figure out a trip to Antarctica!