I sort of hesitate to admit this… But sneakers have totally become part of my weekend look. Before you cringe at the thought of me in athletic sneakers and skinny jeans (seriously, why is this legal?) let’s clarify. There’s something playful and maybe just a teensy bit hipster about wearing sneakers with a dress or shorts (yes, I realize pink gingham negates any notion of hipsterdom here). 

I have these in gray and these in white but lately I’ve been craving a little color. If I wear neon ballet flats, why shouldn’t I have hot pink sneakers too? Enter Superga: an Italian company known for its classic tennis sneakers in a bevy of colors, currently creative directed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Colorful, comfy, and cute as can be — need I say more?

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  1. Wow! These are absolutely adorable! I had a pair of white ones but they got insanely dirty. I would totally wear those coral ones all the time though!

  2. i had a blue kate spade sneakers i bought years ago and now im regretting giving away 🙁 these are all cute and may need to snag one!