Some of my favorite posts are when you all chime in on whether you paint your own nails, wear lipstick, etc. Today I thought I’d throw you a fashion question: would you wear a jumpsuit or romper?

Right now I can’t get enough of them. Yes, it takes me ten minutes to wiggle into it and it’s wildly impractical when you have to use the ladies’ room… But they are just so effortless and playful! Like an equally comfortable and infinitely chicer version of the footie pajamas I wore on Christmas morning we all wore as kids.

So tell me: what are your thoughts on rompers? Do you own one? Would you? Let’s discuss!

21 thoughts on “WOULD YOU WEAR A ROMPER?

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  1. Still on the so-called romper fence these days! But I have to say, I am utterly envious of everyone who can rock a romper or a jumpsuit. If it’s styled perfectly, I just might go for it!

    -Emma, alwaysspruced.com

  2. I just purchased my 3rd and I can’t wait for it to get delivered! I think rompers and jumpsuits work well on HOT midwest days and night and can be dressed up if need be, but I do typically go pretty casual with them. It took me a few times to get the hang of bathroom trips… like not wearing them to concerts and on airplanes. But I love ’em and always get so many compliments!

  3. I think they are SO cute and effortless on a lot of ladies, but somehow every single one I have tried on looks ridiculous. I would love to find one that looks good on a longer torso…let me know if you find one! xo

  4. maxi dresses and rompers are my summer time faves. so nice to throw one thing on with a MK gold watch, some bracelets, and some jack rogers and call it an outfit!

    easy peasy!

    PS LOVE the rory beca jumpsuit!

    happy friday! 🙂

  5. I adore rompers! And always love when they come back ‘in fashion’. I wear them casually, to work and on nights out – perfect for those really hot summer days/nights. I always get so many compliments when I wear one, mostly from people telling me they don’t have the confidence to wear them, but I think you just have to find one that suits your shape and style.
    Ashleigh xxoo

  6. I purchased a romper last summer, but sadly I have never worn it. It is kind-of impractical when you think about it. But I think on the right person, it looks and works perfectly.

    Mostly Lisa

  7. I just purchased two off Ebay that were originally from Express. They’re shorts, but they’re cuffed and longer than the traditional “beach cover up” rompers most people think of when imagining a romper. I LOVE THEM. 🙂

    (Also, if it takes ten minutes for you to wiggle into one, you’re doing it wrong, lol. 🙂 )

  8. I like them on other people but the fact that I essentially have to undress completely to go to the bathroom…Can’t do it! What if the top half “falls in!?” My practicality trumps the cuteness.

  9. Originally I was very anti-romper, but they have grown on me and I’m looking for one that I can take from casual to a night out. Love these options!

  10. I love them! I really do! I’ve tried them on in several different styles but I still haven’t found the perfect fit yet! Like shopping for boyfriend jeans, it’s a process that takes a few tries!