Do you ever feel like your personal style is shifting a little bit? Of course it’s a constant evolution but I do find myself being drawn to different pieces these days — a classic striped blouse, yes, but also a cool architectural bootie that would complete just about every look this fall. Maybe it’s a combination of living in New York, making new friends (completely and utterly obsessed with Amy’s style, for instance), and getting just a little bit older (I turn 24 next month!). 

I think a lot about the words I’d use to describe my personal style. Classic, hopefully. Edgy, never. Preppy, usually. How has your personal style evolved in recent years? How would you describe it today? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. First, I love this outfit, especially the wedges. I’m kinda lusting after them! Second, my style is constantly evolving. I’m 33 with two boys and I feel like my evolution in style is constant. I think it is important to keep evolving in all ways. Fashion is just one outlet of how we continue to better ourselves.

  2. I’m in the same boat as you Mackenzie! I’m starting a “new phase” sort of too (new job hopefully, maybe graduate school, moving out in the next year). I’d say classic with a bit of prep and a bit of a country chic-ness to it, even though I’m a Chicago girl through and through!

  3. I love those earrings! Remind me of little pineapples =)
    And love your style btw 😉
    My style has changed a lot over the years (thank goodness! Had a few ‘what was I thinking!?’ moments) But I like to think that as I get older my style becomes more distinct and less trendy. More me.
    Ashleigh xxoo

  4. I was just actually thinking about this this morning while driving into work – I do think my personal style has shifted. I’ve always been a classic-with-a-twist type, but now I think the twist is leaning more towards hippie (see: flowing tops, maxi skirts, braided headbands worn around the forehead). I love that striped shirt!

  5. I definitely think my style has evolved! While I’m still pretty eclectic, I do find myself drawn to more classic, preppy pieces… however, I sometimes wish I could move full-steam ahead in that direction! I still find myself buying unusual pieces (including but not limited to… band tees, tie-dye, and too much leopard!) from my past life. 😉

    <3 The Daily Dani

  6. I definitely agree…I think the couple years after college are a natural time for our style to shift.

    I have come away from the super preppy and playful a bit and started gravitating a bit more toward classic with a twist. I joke that I wear a white tee or tank 3-4 days a week with different blazers, cardigans, or necklaces. And I would really like to add more pattern to my closet!

  7. As a little girl and all through high school I was super girly girl and very trendy. However, my style has changed since. I would consider my style classic with a hint of preppy. I’m not too into trends. I’m not girl out of all my friends that will spend a ridiculous amount of money on a white blouse. However, my reason is I would rather invest in a few high-quality items than have a closet filled with trendy pieces. I admittedly don’t dress like my peers on campus especially for a night out on the town. But I simply don’t care. I will stick to my classic pieces.

    It’s funny to think now, but I think my mom influenced my style as of now. Growing up, she always looked like she stepped out of a J. Crew catalog. And for that, I am grateful for her influence on me.

  8. I think that personally, it’s less that my style has evolved but more that I’m learning what my style really is, editing down what I own to what I love, and becoming more comfortable with myself and my own personal style, rather than trying to wear what’s in or what others do.

    I also think a lot about words I use/would use to describe my style. I think about what I wear, what I own but don’t wear and why, what I’m naturally drawn to, what looks best on my body…so much to consider!

  9. My style has definitely grown up in the past few years. I became more conscious of not dressing too girly or sweet since I look young to begin with. As a high school teacher this is a problem! And I’m 30 now, so looking “sweet” can easily turn silly.

    Beyond that getting into blogging & reading more fashion blogs has encouraged me to try new trends & looks I might never have attempted before. Definitely am like you though- classic most of the time but I’m now more willing to try a trend here and there.

  10. my style is very similar to yours. classic with a twist. i tend to like easy pieces that mix and match. pretty much my whole closet is blue, white and pink. i used to be the rebellious kid, i have the tattoos and piercing holes to prove it. i used to spend money on tshirts and random clothing pieces but then ended up wearing the same 8 things over and over again. now i am investing more in my wardrobe and buying more classic pieces in colors i like, look good in and will actually wear. i have a list of things i need to buy to fill in the gaps in my closet, but i will always buy a good stripe shirt or cute dress.

  11. As I’ve gotten older and my career has started advancing I put more thought into how I present myself. As a result, my clothes fit better (a good relationship with a great tailor has helped immensley), and I have a more critical, conservative eye to the overall look when I dare to show some skin. Right now my go-to look is pretty classic, and if I want to add a trendy touch it’s all in the accessories where I tend to invest less, so I don’t mind if they just last for a season. Most importantly though, my shopping has become more strategic. I used to buy whatever I liked as long as I could afford it, but once I realized I literally had 4 pink J Crew cardigans I knew I needed a change. Now I keep a running list of gaps in my wardrobe, so when the urge to splurge strikes I can do so intelligently. Conversely, I also have a rule that whenever I try on a great dress I’m allowed to buy it because whenever I have an event coming up all the great dresses vanish from stores 🙂

  12. Growing up I was the ultimate tomboy, having played sports all my life. However, once I went to college, I knew I had to mature a bit even though I was continuing to play basketball. I was the preppiest girl at my college, especially on a Friday or Saturday night on the town. I realized with age that having that athletic style, label & brand was important to me, but when it was time to dress up, I was going to dress up. Classic shift dresses, Jacks, Tory flats, LuLu leggings, button ups, head bands & pearls is what my wardrobe consisted of. Since college I’ve added to it with more business pieces, but I’ve never lost who I was or that tomboy brand along the way… In large part to my ponytail I sport daily 🙂
    Lisa Leslie taught me a lot in her book “Don’t let The lipstick fool you” and ever since I read that book I’ve realized feminism is a good thing and that I should embrace it.

  13. The longer I live in New England, the preppier and more nautical I notice my style becoming. It’s a plus, as I feel most purchases I make these days include really classic pieces that I’m sure will have nice long runs in my closet 🙂

  14. For the record, I would classify your style as preppy, always. Ha! My style has most definitely shifted. My closet used to be filled with either the latest trends or the most comfortable finds. At 22, my style has shifted to accommodate my (working girl) lifestyle. I lean much more to the classic, preppy and unpretentious yet structured looks. The other day, I walked into the Fossil store and was like “I’M HOME.” So, whatever style that is, it’s me!

  15. Oh goodness, has it changed! In high school, I was all about jeans and a t-shirt. Everyday. But once I got to college, my style started rapidly evolving, like, by my second year I hardly wore anything I had from the first year. I’m definitely more girly, classic, and in love with stripes! I’m 22 now and I’m having so much fun with my style!

    I love your style, by the way!