She’s going to kill me for this but please allow me one moment to brag about my friend Amy’s photography. Honestly I get by on Instagram but Amy’s snaps from our weekend on Nantucket had me wondering whether we were even on the same island. She has the best eye for color and composition — it was kind of amazing to just watch her at work. I’m so excited to be working with her on a few upcoming projects — stay tuned!

Here are a few of my favorite photographs she took last week. Beaches + family + girlfriends + hydrangeas + iced coffee + my favorite place on earth… You can bet I’m already counting down the days until we head back!

P.S. How gorgeous is my grandmother’s lightship basket? It was a gift from my grandfather 🙂 I love that she paired it with her Design Darling bangle

P.P.S. Check out Amy’s blog here and be sure to follow her on Instagram! You won’t regret it.

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  1. i love her instagram! she is one of my favorites! i can’t wait to see what she does next. is she the one doing your apartment? that would be really cool!