My apartment was photographed by Dara and Trent Bailey yesterday and will be featured on Glitter Guide within the next month or so. Until then here are a few sneak peeks to tide you over! A few sources as requested on Instagram:

That’s it for now but stay tuned! So excited to share the real photos with you 🙂

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  1. Your apartment is darling! What a classy livable space. Can’t wait to see the full apartment tour! xo

    <a href=”http://www.ruthieandrose.com> Ruthie & Rose</a>

  2. Oh my stars. 1) you’re adorable 2) I feel like I need to deviate from the masses and pick out something I don’t like about your apartment but 3) I just can’t find anything! Can’t wait to see the final photos.

  3. Amazing!!! Why not throw in more room styling posts with those outfit posts :)? I love the gallery wall selections – so perfect! And the pillows on the couch – can’t wait for the full reveal!

  4. love it!! i knew it would be amazing! can’t wait to see the rest. plus you are wearing my favorite outfit. (i am actually wearing it today.)

  5. I feel as though one of two things needs to happen; 1. I am moving in with you in the adorable house, or 2. You need to come make my house just as adorable please!


  6. Yay! It looks absolutely wonderful! Did you end up DIYing your pelmet boxes? If so, I hope an instructional post is to follow! 🙂


    PS: I have those wedges, too! Aren’t they surprisingly comfy?!

  7. Oh my! GORGEOUS! Your apartment is perfection. It’s just as fabulous (and more) as you are. Can I please move in?! I’m enlisting your help with my apartment when I move to the City!