It’s funny how far a teensy pop of pink goes in terms of what draws me to a particular space. When I was styling my apartment for the photo shoot, nothing felt finished until a florist delivered the most gorgeous hot pink peonies. Once we added a little pink to the navy and white mix, suddenly every little vignette came together much easier. Browse the slideshow below for a few of my favorite accents inspired by the interiors above:

*Photos one / two / three / four / five

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  1. i love a good pop of pink. that’s why i have a pink headboard. it looks great with all the white and navy in my room. and will look great once i move and paint my bedroom navy.

  2. I think pink peonies make everything better (even your lovely apartment!). I love the pops of pink, and I try to sprinkle them throughout our apartment.

  3. I just love a hint of pink! Our living room has a dark leather couch and navy accessories, and I’ve recently added a pink chair and pops of pink in the gallery wall! (somewhat to my husband’s dismay ;)) It just makes the space feel so much more cheerful!